10 foods to avoid after 40

As a person gets older, it is vital that he pays adequate attention to various things, including his body. Food helps us sustain life and growth, in the same vein, when we don’t eat or eat unhealthy food, the quality and growth of life is affected.

It is relevant to make deliberate and positive lifestyle changes as you mature. Some nutritionists have highlighted 10 foods that people age 40 and older should avoid.

One nutritionist, James Oloyede, says people aged 40 and over should take their diet seriously and be mindful of what they eat.

Oloyede adds: “There is no particular class of food that you can completely avoid because if you don’t eat it in one form, you will eat it in another form, but there are some foods that should be minimized and some that should be completely avoided.”

Avoid refined carbohydrates

Oloyede explains that refined carbohydrates are foods that have a high glycemic index and raise consumers’ blood sugar levels.

“By this we mean foods like pasta, pancakes, donuts, cookies and the rest. Even in some countries, the rule is to reduce the consumption of white bread because they have a high glycemic index because they quickly raise blood sugar levels.

These have also been linked to heart disease, weight gain, diabetes, among others,” the nutritionist said.

Oyedele also warns individuals 40 and older who still consume processed foods to be at risk for acne, also known as blackhead or pimples.

“If you can’t eliminate it completely, it needs to be drastically reduced. It should be an occasional food once in a blue moon and not included in the daily diet,” he adds.

In support of Oloyede’s stance, another nutritionist, Olusola Malomo, adds that “White bread and pasta should avoid artificial sweeteners, foods containing monosodium glutamate, saturated fats and cholesterol.”

Processed meat

Any processed meat such as sausage, ham, hot dog, contains unhealthy fat which has an impact on the hydration of the body and promotes early wrinkles.

Oloyede adds: “It can also cause inflammation associated with arthritis in old age. As one gets older, arthritis sets in. Some of the preservative in the body is broken down into so-called nitrosamine chemicals that have been found to be carcinogenic as they are above the allowable levels you can never tell (the amount of chemicals in the product), it could be accident, intentional, and individual tolerance also differs so it’s better that you avoid that kind of thing by the time you reach 40 years or older.

fast food

Oloyede notes that fast food is not friendly to people over 40. He explains that fast food contains many ingredients in varying amounts, and some of them can be unhealthy.

He also adds that they contain sugar, fats, nitrite and sodium, among other things, which have negative health effects.

fruit juices

Oloyede and Malomo both agree that consumption of fruit juices by people over 40 is unhealthy.

Oloyede states that regardless of the ingredients and benefits marketed, people in this age group should avoid it.

He adds: “It’s more fructose and it’s high in sugar, for those who tend to develop diabetes; that can accentuate it in the truest sense of the word.”

Being a fruit juice the fiber has been removed and fiber helps aid digestion and is laxative in nature and needed in the gut. “The sugar and other added preservatives are also reasons to be wary of taking this,” adds Oloyede.

Reduce alcohol consumption

Malomo states that alcohol should be avoided.

Oloyede adds that it should be avoided completely or drastically reduced. They explain that alcohol consumption affects proper hydration in the body. They note, “It sucks water from different parts of the body, which then affects elasticity and the end result is wrinkles all over the individual’s body.”

Avoid fatty foods

While the consumption of chicken is encouraged, individuals in this category are advised to remove the skin before consumption, especially if they are fried. This would reduce the consumption of cholesterol, leading to artery and, consequently, heart disease.

Avoid sugar

As one gets older, the nutritionist advises to reduce sugar intake, especially processed sugar.

“If you’re over 40, you don’t have to do anything with sugar anymore. Sugar itself causes inflammation that prevents clear and beautiful skin because it damages elastin, which promotes elasticity of the skin and causes wrinkles at a young age,” adds Oloyede.

Avoid energy drink

Energy drinks are high in caffeine, high in sodium and other components that are harmful to health. Its accumulation in the body system forms toxins over time and when the body can no longer handle it, it becomes harmful and this can shorten the life span of the individual.

fried food

Baked foods such as cakes are high in sugar and fat and should not be taken on the basis of cravings to promote longevity.

Limit egg, milk consumption

It is relevant to reduce the amount of milk with saturated fat and also the number of eggs eaten per day. If this is not done, such individuals will have a lot of fat in their system, problems with their gut and persistent diarrhea.

Oloyede advocates a return to a regional diet that includes natural and unprocessed foods, fruits and vegetables, as well as foods high in protein.

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