IBM Global University Programs [Academic Awards] 2022-2023

IBM Global University Programs Academic Awards: Nominations for the IBM Global University programs Academic Awards are ongoing for applicants around the world. These Awards promote research, innovation and building partnerships and communities ranging from many-to-many to one-to-one. Awards are intended to support and influence an area of ​​great interest to the University and IBM.

The IBM Academic Award program promotes collaboration between researchers from leading universities and IBM researchers and technologists around the world. IBM Academic Awards may also promote curriculum innovation to fuel growth in emerging academic disciplines. Academic Awards are not a contract and intellectual property rights remain with the university. Prices cannot be linked to IBM’s current or ongoing commercial activities with the university

Prize sponsor(s): IBM

Prize to be collected at: Universities (worldwide)

Award benefits: Academic Awards may include financial support, IBM Cloud resources, equipment, services or software.

Award slot: Not specified

Nationality: US and International applicants

See also: IBM Global Masters and PhD Fellowship Awards

IBM Global Academic Awards 2022/23 | Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the IBM Academic Awards, nominees must ensure they meet the following criteria:

  • To be eligible for an IBM Global University Program Academic Award, the nominee must be a full-time professor at an accredited university with a PhD or master’s degree in the nominee’s field.
  • Candidates must have outstanding contributions in their field, or, in the case of a junior faculty, show unusual promise
  • Candidates must be nominated by an IBM nominator and nominations are welcome from candidates of all nationalities.
  • Candidates must demonstrate strong academic and leadership skills and must be ready according to IBM fellow conduct guidelines.


Future of health, work and climate; Governance of science and technology (standards); Future of computing; Materials Design; Hybrid cloud/multicloud/the future of the cloud; AI for business, science or technology; AI optimization; Security/Blockchain; systems; Quantum; exploratory sciences; IBM Cloud academic credits

Recommended: Trent University International Scholarships and Awards

Application procedures

How to apply: Participation in the IBM Global University Programs Academic Awards 2022/23 is made possible as follows;

  • An IBM nominator initiates the Academic Award process with an This nominator is the primary contact through vetting.
  • All IBM Academic Award proposals must be submitted by IBM employees who collaborate with faculty or the institution on a technical or research basis.
  • For faculty interested in pursuing an IBM Global University Program Academic Award nomination but with limited IBM contacts, IBM Global University Programs recommends building relationships with IBM through many of the outreach programs found at If there is a mutual interest in working together in the future, your extended circle of IBM contacts may be eligible to seek sponsorship and initiate a nomination for you.

Application deadline: Updated annually

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