WAEC Agric Science Questions and Answers 2023/2024 (Essay/Objectives)

The WAEC Agricultural Science questions and answers for 2023/2024 examination is out. All Agric students can now access the expo here for free. The West African Examination Council (WAEC) exam paper on Agriculture leaks and access to it has been gotten.

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WAEC Agricultural Science midnight questions and answers are available. Get all the answers for free.

The West African Examination Council is an examination body that sets questions yearly from areas students should, after their studies in senior secondary school, be able to write and pass without stress.

2023 WAEC Agric science questions and answers will be posted here in the mid night before the examination.

You can see WAEC Agric possible questions and answers below. We will be posting examples of WAEC Agric questions from official WAEC Agric past question for candidates who will participate in the examination to enable them study hard.


WAEC Agricultural Science Objectives and Essay Answers 2023/2024

The questions below are the WAEC Agriculture Questions. Go through them and be ready to score high in your WAEC 2023 Agric Examination.

Paper 1 (Objective)

1. The device which helps to regulate heat in an incubator is the
A. thermometer.
B. hygrometer.
C. insulator.
D. thermostat.

2. Which of the following statements about crop production is
Not correct?
A. Onions are commonly grown in the rainforest zones.
B. Yam, cocoyam and cassava are grown in both the rainforest and the savanna regions.
C. Some foreign vegetable crops are grown in and around urban centres.
D. Carrots are commonly grown in the savanna and moist vegetation belts.

3. Which of the following is a disadvantage of surface irrigation?
A. The quantity of water lost is high.
B. Water is evenly distributed over the farmland
C. It is very cheap to operate.
D. The system is suitable for paddy rice cultivation.

4. Fine soil tilth is produced by the use of
A. Harrow.
B. Plough.
C. Ridger.
D. Mower.

5. The problems of farm mechanization in West Africa include the following
A. reduction of farm drudgery.
B. small farm holdings.
C. poverty of farmers.
D. poor topography.

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WAEC Agric Science Essay Questions and Answers 2023

Past Questions and Answers that may be repeated

Paper 2 (Essay)

(1)(a) Explain each of the following terms as used in animal production:
(i) Dipping;
(ii) Dry cow;
(iii) Culling;
(iv) Quarantine
(b) Describe the life cycle of roundworm (Ascaris lumbricoides)
(c) Explain the term farm mechanization.
(d) Name four tractor coupled implements

(2)(a) State six limitations of farm mechanization in West Africa.
(b) Suggest six ways of encouraging farm mechanization in West Africa.
(c) List four methods of identification in cattle management.
(d) What is debeaking in poultry management?

(3)(a) Mention two processes that release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere
(b) Name four storage pests of crops
(c) State two functions of Potassium in crops.
(d) List three ways by which each of the following biotic factors affects agricultural production:
(i) parasites;
(ii) Soil organisms.
(e) State four advantages of zero tillage.

WAEC Agric Essay and Objective 2023 (EXPO)

The above questions are not exactly 2023 WAEC Agriculture questions and answers but likely WAEC Agric repeated questions and answers.

These questions are for practice. The 2023 WAEC Agric expo will be posted on this page 30 minutes before the WAEC Agric Science examination starts. Keep checking and refreshing this page for the answers.

Note: The 2023 WAEC Agric answers will be posted here during the WASSCE Agric Exam. Keep checking and reloading this page to know when the answers are posted. Do not forget to reload this page in order to see the answers.

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Tips for Passing WAEC Agricultural Science Examination 2023/2024

1. Give yourself enough time to study

Don’t leave it to the last minute.most students don’t give themselves enough time to study, they like leaving it to last minutes which is bad. If you want to make good results you have to prepare early so as to come out with a flying colors.

2. Organize your study Space

Make sure your reading space is well organized and comfortable because once you’re not comfortable you can get tired easily. Make sure you get rid of distraction and try as much as possible to concentrate.

3. Practice Past Questions on Agric

One of the most effective way of preparing for WAEC examination is by reading past articles. This helps you to get use to the format questions and Will enable you to how to answer WAEC question.

4. Organize reading group with your friends

Gather some of your friends together and read together with them, ask each other questions, stay focused and test each other by asking questions for them to answer.

5. Plan your exam day

Make sure you get everything ready before the exam, don’t leave it till the actual day of the examination. Try and get yourself ready, check all the rules and requirements, and plan your route and journey time. Make sure you’re at the examination place at least 1hour before the examination.

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