5 gunmen killed, 3 officers injured in raid of police IPOB/ESN camp in Imo

The Imo State Police Command tactical team has raided the shelter of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and its affiliate, Eastern Security Network (ESN) in Izombe, in the Oguta Local Government Area of ​​Imo State.

In a statement released Friday by the Public Relations Officer of the State Police (PPRO), CSP Michael Abattam said the raid on the mobsters’ camp followed a diligent gathering of both technical intelligence and credible information about the group’s activities. .

The police spokesman said that upon seeing the police officers, the gangsters engaged them in a firefight, but were overwhelmed by the superior firepower of the brave police officers who positioned themselves professionally.

He said the gangsters suffered a huge loss during the fierce firefights, which led to them withdrawing and fleeing into the bush with varying degrees of gunshot wounds.

After expelling the mobsters, the officers moved in and conducted a thorough search of the camp where the following items were found: 3 English Pump Action Guns, 118 GPMG ammunition, 41 AK-47 live ammunition, 19 G3 ammunition , one (1) size locally made double barrel, one locally made double barrel, 4 locally made pistols, 4 locally made explosives, military uniforms, police uniforms, Biafra flags, four ESN caps, 1 pair of police boots, assorted hard drugs , some police equipment, 4 live turtles, large amounts of weeds suspected of being Indian hemp, and pieces of red cloth were recovered from the station.

He said that after the successful robbery, the officers leaving the gangsters’ lair were ambushed some distance away by the gangsters who had involved them in another arms duel.

During the firefights, according to the PPRO, the officers managed to subdue the gangsters and five of them were neutralized.

He said unfortunately three (3) police officers did not sustain life-threatening injuries and were taken to a government hospital where they were treated.

According to him, the mobsters, realizing they had suffered a heavy defeat, went on to retaliate in the villages, setting fire to houses of both serving and retired police officers and other security forces.

CSP said homes of individuals they suspect are intelligence officers have similarly burned down.

Meanwhile, the community has been bolstered with enough police and other security officers to protect lives and property, while efforts are at the highest level to arrest the fleeing suspects.

The Police Commissioner, Imo State Command, CP Mohammed Ahmed Barde praised the officers and men for their courage and called on the various communities in the state to form vigilantes to complement the police’s efforts.

He also called on the Hunters Association to work with security forces by providing them with information about criminal hideouts that have been sighted in the bushes.

He advised communities not to allow their areas to be used as a safe haven for committing heinous crimes and to report any suspicious activity or individuals observed treating bullet wounds to the nearest police station or Command emergency numbers. call: 08034773600 or 08098880197.


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