Adeyemi College community set to implement varsity status

The entire management, staff and students of Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, are currently waiting with bated breath for the implementation of the college’s transmutation into a full-fledged Federal University of Education.

Adeyemi College currently awards diplomas to Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, in addition to the regular NCE certificates, but an act of parliament, approved by the president, has now granted it the legitimacy to act as a full-fledged university.

While the approval for this transmutation has been given and the Enabling Act passed, approved and even published, the institution and its stakeholders have so far waited for its implementation.

No one knows for sure why this all-important decision has been delayed to this point, as no official statement has come from the relevant federal authorities.

When asked to comment on the development last Wednesday, the provost of the college, Dr. Samuel Akintunde, told the Nigerian Tribune: “Yes, on December 23, 2001, the president passed that bill and I think that around February of this year the gazing was done.

“But until now we have not communicated in this college about the law or the official gazette.

“However, stakeholders have followed and followed the events.”

The Nigerian Tribune recalls that the college was upgraded in 2015 at the twilight of President Goodluck Jonathan’s administration.

There was then a spontaneous frenzy of activity in the college to adapt to the new reality, but almost as soon as the announcement was made, it was rolled back — even after a vice chancellor was announced.

When this writer recently visited the institution, it was clear that in anticipation of its long-awaited new status, the college, which had run by every conceivable standard with an infrastructure befitting a university, had raised its bar even higher.

New structures are currently being built, while some existing facilities have been upgraded. Several miles of roads have also been built to enhance the aesthetic appeal of the college.

There is an imposing new ICT auditorium, conducted via BOT (Build, Operate, Transfer), while a number of capital projects are either being completed or are in various advanced levels of completion. A completed central library structure was also painted.

This writer was also shown around some of the facilities, including a demonstration farm, which includes a rabbit, snail farm, poultry, pig farm, oil palm plantation and cassava farm.

There was also an irrigation farm – all of which are for research purposes according to the farm manager, Mr. Akinwekomi Kehinde.

New programs have also been introduced. According to the provost, there are now two new departments: the Political Science department and the Theater and Creative Arts department, in addition to the new courses.

“Today we have a Center for Skills Development and Entrepreneurship where we train our students in various entrepreneurial ventures,” he added.

Adeyemi College of Education covers a total landmass of approximately 264,792 hectares (654,314 acres). It has a total staff of 1,160 consisting of: Academic 485; Administrative (Senior) 276; Administrative (Junior) 48; Technical (Senior), 309; and Technical (Junior) 42.

There are a total of 21,815 students, including degree students, 10,817; NVU students, 4538; postgraduate, 30, and part-time, 971.

The chairman of the board of directors of the college, Alhaja Idiat Babalola, also spoke about plans to form a joint venture with some major filmmakers and producers to explore some of the natural scenes and architectural structures that adorn the university landscape. for commercial use. of movies and music videos, as part of ACE’s efforts to increase Internally Generated Revenue (IGR).

According to her, the measure was intended to increase money from the federal government.

Though Ms. Babalola didn’t provide any details about the planned venture, she did disclose the plan to deploy the newly added Music and Theater Arts Department to train potential actors and actresses, especially those from the watersheds around it, similar to what Wale Adenuga’s research is. did. Film Institute does in Lagos and Ibadan.

She was particularly excited about the college’s upgrade to a full-fledged university, noting that the college had long been prepared for it.

When asked what he thought was responsible for the peace that had persisted on campus in terms of staff/management relationships, the provost, Dr. Akintunde: “My style is open door policy. I think what has paid off is open door policy and ongoing engagement.”

He said that the maintenance of this peace and the tradition of open governance are what he wants to leave behind as legacies after his tenure ends.

“I expect the administration here to be very open. I also expect that the tradition of acquiring skills for students will continue,” said Akintunde.


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