Artists who have fought over song ownership

The issue of song ownership and theft is probably as old as the music industry itself. Over the years, quite a few artists have had issues with other artists and even record labels about the rightful owners of certain songs. There is an ongoing controversy over the ownership of a popular song titled ‘Machala’, and it has drawn differing opinions online. Saturday Beats takes a look at this particular case and similar incidents

Carter Efe/Berri Tiga (Machala)

Oderhohwo Efe, aka Carter Efe, was more known as an Instagram comedian due to the skits he appeared in. However, many were surprised when Efe announced the release of a new song entitled ‘Machala’. He would have an artist, Berri Tiga.

But there was some confusion as many listened to the song and found that a significant portion of the song was sung by Berri Tiga. In fact, Carter only seemed to have been vocal in the intro.

Since Berri didn’t cry foul, many felt that Carter was indeed the rightful owner of the song and that the duo had a working arrangement. So it came as a shock when it was discovered that the song had been removed from several music streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify.

Meanwhile, Efe recently released a snapshot of a chat in which Berri Tiga thanked him for the chance to play in the song. Efe also claimed that another artist, Hotkid, had a verse on the song, but Tiga begged him to pull it off because he felt Hotkid would “take the shine” for the song. He added that Berri claimed ownership of the song on Instagram, while still thanking him for the opportunity.

According to some online reports, the song would take the top spot on many of the music streaming sites accessible in the country. G (Pass me your love)

Although both singers – Gabriel Amanyi (Terry G) and Ayoola Johnson ( are not as popular as they used to be, many can still remember their messy bickering over a song. Several years ago, had one of the biggest songs, “Pass Me your Love,” in the country. He had another reigning recording artist, Terry G.

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Things went awry between them, however, and Ay asked Terry to stop performing the song at concerts and other events. According to him, Terry G took the shine off the song and acted like he owned it.

At the height of their feud, Ay once stormed an event where Terry G had performed the song. On stage, the former said: “If you are being cheated on, you have to open your mouth. Otherwise you would lose. What happened between me and Terry G had to happen. I want to explain something to my fans. I composed the song.

“How would you like to see another man reaping the fruits of your labor after your hard work? He performed the song and was paid. Meanwhile, as the rightful owner of the house at home, I wouldn’t do anything. I even told us to play the song together when he had a show, but he didn’t listen to me. To all my fans, if you see Terry G playing ‘Pass Me your Love’, please stop him from helping the Nigerian music industry.”

However, in an interview with Sunday PUNCH about five years ago, Ay claimed the matter had been settled amicably. He said, ‘Me and Terry G is an old issue, and I don’t like to talk about it anymore. We are now ‘cool’ with each other. We are colleagues and as far as working with him again, no one can predict the future.”

Apparently still attached to the song, recently released its remix; more than 10 years after the first issue was released. On the remix he played Peruzzi. However, it didn’t perform as well as the original version.”

Tiwa Savage / Seyi Shay (Lova Lova)

As long as many can remember, no love has been lost between two singers – Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay. Their animosity culminated in a confrontation in a hair salon. Videos that went viral on the Internet showed Tiwa venting her spleen as Shay walked over to greet her.

Savage asked Shay not to greet her because she knows she (Shay) doesn’t like her and has spoken negatively about her.

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Shortly after that incident, Seyi Shay claimed in an interview that she had written Savage’s verse in a song, “Lova Lova,” which featured Duncan Mighty. She also insinuated that Savage had taken certain actions to undermine the brand. She said: “This is the same person who took my song, ‘Lova Lova’, which is one of her biggest songs ever. I composed that song with… but when I called her that I wrote the song, she said she didn’t believe what I said, and she refused to compensate me.

“She was the same person who attacked a popular artist for playing my song, after the artist was also on her own song. She also approached a popular brand to withdraw me as their ambassador. This has all been going on for years, but I haven’t said anything about it. It’s just a shame.”

However, the duo appear to have put the incident behind them as they shared a hug at a concert in December 2021.

It also states that an artist, Danny Young, once sued Savage to the tune of N200m. According to Young, Savage used some lines from his song “Oju ti ti Won” in her song “All Over.”

Both parties later settled the matter out of court.

Portable/Poco Lee (Zazu Zeh)

To call Habeeb Okikiola, aka Portable, one of the most controversial artists of recent times, is tantamount to levity.

Since he became popular at the end of 2021, the singer has been in the news mainly for the wrong reasons.

Recall that he came into the limelight with the release of his song, ‘Zazzu Zeh’, on which he played rapper Olamide. His fame skyrocketed and he was invited to perform on several shows.

However, the romance between him and Poco Lee did not last long, as he accused the latter of trying to rip (cheat) him. He claimed that Poco Lee uploaded the song to the internet, naming himself as the owner.

Shortly after performing at the popular singer’s Wizkid concert in December, Portable shot a video accusing Poco Lee of stealing his song and the $3,000 Wizkid had sprayed him on stage. In Yoruba, he said, “Wizkid blessed me with $3,000. But Poco Lee, the dancer, chose the money. Out of the $3,000, he gave me only $600. I’m a street kid. Poco Lee, you showed no love at all. It was rather your intention to rip me (cheat) Do you own the song Why was the song released as “Poco Lee featuring Portable and Olamide” instead of the other way around? Are you angry? You better respect yourself. ”

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Due to the various controversies that Portable has been involved in, Poco Lee has distanced himself from the singer. In a tweet that many believed was aimed at the singer, Lee wrote, “I wish I had never taken that talkative nuisance out of the trenches.”

2Baba/Blackfaze (African Queen)

Innocent Idibia (2baba, previously called 2face) and Ahmedu Obiabo (Blackfaze) are both from Benue state and were members of the same music group, Plantashun Boiz. However, things have unraveled between the former friends and partners.

After 2baba went solo with his career, he released a song titled ‘African Queen’ which is still one of the biggest songs of the singer. It’s on his debut solo album, ‘Face 2 Face’.

Blackfaze later came out to say he wrote the song; a claim that 2baba did not dispute.

At some point, Blackfaze started insulting 2baba at every opportunity he had. This caused the latter to sue Blackfaze for N50m for defamation. Although several stakeholders and key personalities have tried to mend the fences between the duo, the truce never lasts.

In 2019, however, they agree to settle the matter out of court. A source close to the duo is said to have said, “After the successful mediation, Blackfaze promised not to publicly accuse 2baba again, while 2baba agreed to make any necessary corrections and changes that would have prevented Blackfaze from receiving royalties.”

Blackfaze even released his own version of ‘African Queen’, but it wasn’t nearly as good as 2baba’s version.

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