ASUU strike: NANS pledges to ground airports

The National Association of Nigerian Students has vowed to take further action against the ongoing strike action by the Academic Staff Union of Universities.

The group said it would take its protest to international airports across the country and ground their operations.

Speaking in Akure, the capital of Ondo state, the chairman of the NANS National Task Force on ‘End ASUU Strike Now’, Ojo Olumide, said students were already tired of advocating with both sides about the need to end the strike. .

According to him, the four-day closure of busy highways and freeways had been a success, hence the move to disrupt international travel from September 19, 2022 so that “the bourgeois and the government would feel the pain students had been subjected to in the past seven months.” .”

He said: “We will start another round of protest next week by storming the skies to #OccupyTheAirports# on Monday, September 19, 2022. We want to let the world know how much pain and fear students are going through.

“Nigerian students whose parents create the commonwealth cannot continue to suffer at home next to our teachers, while the few who benefit from our sweat and blood, their children abroad are merry and tense.

“We call on students to stand up and join us as we take our destiny into our own hands. Our requirements always remain clear and simple.

“We call on the ASUU leadership to hold a meeting as soon as possible to discuss solidarity actions and plan for the next phase of the struggle.

“Nigerian students are not subjected to security forces and we have not seen any step from them to avert a strike by the ASUU.
As we have been on the road for the past four days and have gathered a lot of solidarity, grounding the airport is for us to get solidarity and we will ground the local and international airports and they know the effect of the grounding ground from the airport, all we ask of them is to reopen our campuses.

“They should give adequate budgetary allocation, we are not asking for 26 percent, we are asking for 22 percent.

“We passed a vote of no confidence against both Labor and Education ministers. We call on the Buhari government to pay all outstanding arrears and teachers’ salaries.

“The ‘No Work No Pay’ policy is a fascist policy; it is therefore objectionable and unacceptable to all millions of students in Nigeria.

“We will not, by this statement, beg again. We will mobilize all students to shut down the country. No education, no movement!”

Olumide slammed Works Minister Babatunde Fashola over his alleged remark about the barricade of federal roads by the students, noting that the strike had continued due to the absence of political class children from public universities.

“Through Nigerians, the federal and state governments became and feel uncomfortable with our protests. Instead of reacting responsibly to us and what have you, we were shocked that the Minister of Works Babatunde Fashola came out with an illegal expression that only suits rioters and political annoyances by calling basic human rights ‘illegal’!

“What Minister Fashola has done is astonishing. After all, the camera he found at LekkiTollGate after the massacre is still a mystery. Yet the minister’s outburst is also further evidence that the Buhari government hates genuine educational development.

“They never apologize and are determined to destroy every vestige of state welfare. They would rather kill the public schools than fix them up. Nigerian students are not surprised that the Buhari government does not care about public education. After all, all politicians have sent their children to school abroad, while the children of the masses who make up 99 percent of the population are only fit to be ruffians, hard workers and sex slaves.

“We dare to say that this atrocity will not continue and with this note we call on the national leadership of ASUU to create synergy with Nigerian students in achieving this struggle that we have started by ensuring that a state of emergency is declared in the education sector.”

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