Avoiding Marriage Crisis in Difficult Times

The time we are in the world today is a difficult time. Many stressful events plague the world. This includes economic crisis and uncertainty. These come in different shades and colours. It’s quite a challenging moment for the world, leading to a high level of conflict in relationships. Friends, employers and employees, government and citizens are fighting under life pressure.

With this situation, we all need to exercise great caution when dealing with ourselves. This becomes very necessary for married couples, as we cannot afford to ignore ourselves, unlike other relationships, which can be jettisoned if necessary.

For example, many husbands go through a lot in terms of underemployment, job loss, bankruptcy, etc. As a result, wives experience a lot of stress to keep the house running. They are saddled with the responsibility that until now has been borne only by the spouses or shared jointly by the couples. That is in the field of finance. When this is added to the household, the stress is more imagined than expected.

In this scenario, fragile is the best description of the peace in many homes. It takes great wisdom from both husbands and wives to keep this fragile peace. Therefore, all hands on deck must be on deck to ensure that the harmony in the marriage does not break.

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How do we take care of it?

Husbands and wives should exercise restraint in their dealings with themselves in light of the financial pressures on the family. While husbands become sensitive because they have not fulfilled the responsibility of taking care of the house, wives are easily irritated by the overload of caring for the house. The resulting effect is the frequency of conflicts. But with patience, both can weather the storms of pressure on the home front.

  • Increased couples discussion.

Couples should spend more time together in discussion, to minimize the risk of mental torture for each other. Depression easily thrives in a situation of lack and inadequacy of financial resources in the home. Couples should therefore be there for each other, to give hope for the future.

Not only that, the discussion should also cover possible solutions to the state of affairs in the home. They should spend time planning a better life for the family.

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The discussion should also involve advising one another against vices and tempting them into bad behavior. They should be watching each other for bad associations and communication that erode good manners. It is a well-known fact that the temptation to misbehave is great in the context of a financial crisis. Spending time together helps each other’s stability in maintaining behavioral sanity.

  • Intentional sexual health.

In times of crisis, there is a tendency for sex to take a back seat in marriage. As someone said, a hungry stomach doesn’t take sex into account easily. A hungry man is an angry man. Sex will not flow easily in times of crisis. So every couple should have sex intentionally. They should encourage each other to be sexually active during this time of crisis. One of the benefits of sex is to relieve stress. So couples need to relieve stress by having great sex. It’s the time for couples to give each other a great sexual treatment to prevent their health from collapsing.

  • Increased friendly behavior

“What are friends for?” a popular saying. Friendship should be fully exploited during a crisis. Couples need to consciously befriend each other in times like these. This will be easier if they have learned friendship skills before.

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*God factor must be deployed

Faith in the Supreme Being helps us weather the storms of life. Couples should therefore take advantage of the God factor to maintain harmony in the marriage in times of crisis. Calling on God helps to give hope for the future. It helps us to see light at the end of the tunnel. So if there is any time to draw closer to God, it is the time we are in.

The schools will reopen for the session, couples should get together to ensure the students have a successful resumption. It shouldn’t let us drift apart. On the contrary, we should bond together. Remember we stand together. My prayers and thoughts for best wishes are with all couples and families in light of the current situation, and always.



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