Barriers will be broken in 2023 – Abe

Senator Magnus Abe, the Social Democratic Party governor in Rivers state, has said the 2023 general election will be a turning point in Nigeria’s political history.

Abe, who said this at the official inauguration of the SDP constituency office in the state’s Obio/Akpor Local Government Area, also said the general election would be a political tsunami in the state, saying it would break every known barrier.

The governor hoped in a statement from its spokesman, Parry Benson, said: “To all of us who are here, I will convey an important message.

“I have stated severally that the 2023 elections will be a turning point in the political history of this country. In Rivers State, the 2023 election will be a political tsunami as it will break through all known borders and barriers.

“Let me say to all of you that our votes, our support in 2023 will anchor justice, fairness, justice and progress in this country.

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“Everyone who wakes up in the morning is looking for progress. Progress is not when the state is rich, progress is when you make money for yourself; that is progress.”

Abe went on to say that the days were over when elections were won and lost along political party lines, noting that many things had happened in the country and people had learned their lessons too.

He said: “Nigerians used to vote based on a political party, so this is our party, we have to support the party, everyone who brings them vote, but things have happened in this country that people should learn as lessons.

“In the past, if we followed a party, you knew what you would get if you supported that party. If you were in the UPN and your state voted for the UPN, you knew you were going to get free education.

“If you were in the NPN and your state voted for the NPN, you knew you were going to get housing and agriculture, but since those parties left, Nigerians kept voting for parties, but no one could see what they were getting.

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“If you are in Akwa Ibom today, you vote for the People’s Democratic Party, what you get depends on what the governor wants. When you are in Oyo, you vote for the PDP, what you get depends on what the governor wants.

“When you’re in Kano and you vote for the All Progressives Congress, what you get depends on what the governor wants. When you’re in a plateau, you vote for the APC what you get depends on what the governor wants. No one controls what the party said or what the party does.

Earlier, Chikwem Orlu, the SDP’s candidate in Obio/Akpor constituency, assured Senator Abe and party members of the people’s commitment to mass vote for the party in the 2023 general election.

“Excellent, the people you see here today are full of supporters of the SMA (Senator Magnus Abe) project.

“My case tonight is very simple; it’s just to tell you that these people you see here today have unanimously agreed that no one will vote for any party other than the SDP on whose platform you will be the governor of Rivers State in 2023 by the grace of God,” he said.

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