BBNaija: I dreamed of my eviction — Ilebaye

After spending three weeks in Big Brother’s ‘Level Up’ house, DANIEL ABEL speaks with Ilebaye Odiniya and Ismail Rukuba Ahalu, known as Khalidon, about their highlights, relationships and experience on the show. fragments:

How do you feel about leaving the BBN show so early?

Frankly, I felt really bad. I wasn’t really happy because I thought I would stay longer and discover myself, have fun and also achieve what I was going for. But I’m still glad I was able to spend the three weeks in the house.

I read somewhere that you are an actress. How true is that?

I started acting right away when I was in JSS 1. I played roles in Wale Adenuga production, Papa Ajasco and Super Story. Normally I like acting because I know I’m a good actress. From there the skill developed, so I started acting in Nnena and Friends and many others. I decided that once I got my degree I would really focus on my acting career because I didn’t want anything to distract me.

What exactly was your strategy for going into the house? Because I’ve heard a lot of people say you were only there to scatter ships and cause trouble.

Funnily enough, I didn’t follow any strategy because to be honest, I’m only looking at the evictions and the Saturday party. So I was literally afraid to go into the house and wonder if people would like me because I don’t watch the show and I didn’t know what people expected of me. My mom asked me to be myself, so I didn’t go in to scatter ships or provoke anyone. I went there just to be myself and have fun, but if I had been given the task of drifting ships apart, I would have done it.

Can you talk to us about your relationship with Bryan?

Bryan was a friend in the house, there was no feeling or anything involved, we were just two matched people coming to Big Brothers house to vibe. He even told me he likes me and I let him know he was not my type and I felt like he was just confused because he is with this person today and tomorrow he is with another person so I wanted not be involved with such a person. For me there was no connection, I just saw him as a good friend because he usually checked on me when I was sick so there was really nothing deep between us.

Was Big Brother House Scripted? There is a school of thought that says yes.

No Big Brother House is 100 percent real. Nothing happens in the house that is scripted. Nobody tells you what to do. We just live our lives as we normally do in the real world. Nothing is recorded on anything from the audition to the house, to leaving to start a new life. It’s just pure and real.

Did you see your eviction coming? Did you expect to be on the second set leaving the show?

No, I didn’t see my eviction coming. I thought I would even get the money and be in the top seven or top five in the house. Even when Big Brother called my name for possible eviction, I told myself not to be afraid because I was 95 percent sure I wasn’t going anywhere. I knew I was real. But on Saturday, when I dreamed about me at home, I had the feeling that something was wrong and I would probably leave. On Sunday I knew I was going to go home because dreams don’t lie and maybe God was just trying to prepare me in case I heard my name. I even told Khalid that I thought we were going home because my sister mentioned Khalid’s name in my dream and he thought it could be the opposite.

Do you see friendship with Beauty outdoors?

I would really like her to explain what she says I’m fake with reasons and if it looks like she doesn’t want the friendship problem because I really care about her. In the house, she also seemed to be the only person who really liked me before Groovy got into the picture. I care about her and she is also a good person so if it flows no problem but if not I wish her the best so when I see her outside I will say hello and also apologize because people think i’m part of the reason she got disqualified though i’m not yet, at least i still owe a little apology.

Can you shed some light on your relationship with Dotun in the house?

From the beginning there was no relationship and there is still no relationship now. But I see him as a very nice, calm and respectful person. I wish I had more time to get to know him and see what kind of person he is. I wish I had met him as a friend because he looks like a friend who would be ready for you, just like at the Saturday night party when he saw me crying and trying to cheer me up. There is no relationship. I only care about him as a friend.

Now that you’re out of the house, who would you cherish among your roommates?

I really don’t know because I have people I care about. I like Chomzy, Phyna, Dotun, Groovy, Doyin, Bryan and Amaka. So let the best man win over whoever, because this year’s Big Brother show is really unpredictable and it’s someone you don’t expect to win the show.

What would you focus on now that you’re out of the house?

I want to build my empire from now on because I am a very young girl. I want to take the time to know exactly what I want and start something that wouldn’t die in two or three years. I also want to start my own orphanage because I don’t like to see people scurrying and staying under the bridge, so I want to be the reason someone has a roof over their head.

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