Brand guts Lagos movie house, customers, employees evacuated

Firework on Friday, the Film House Cinema in the Apapa Shopping Center in the Apapa area of ​​Lagos State stripped.

City Round determined that normal activity was going on in the mall when customers and workers began to sense the smell of burning fabrics.

It turned out that next to curious customers in the mall, rescuers traced the smell of the burning substances to the cinema that had been empty for some time.

Following the discovery, a temporary shutdown of operations at the mall was ordered as customers and employees at the mall were told to vacate the building.

Speaking to our correspondent, a source at one of the stores in the mall said the fire started around 11 a.m., adding that the situation panicked customers and workers.

He noted, however, that no lives were lost in the incident, adding that the intervention of firefighters was required to extinguish the fire.

The source said: “The fire started around 11pm and based on what I have gathered, the fire took place in the movie house store in the mall. Some people said the fire was caused by an electrical fault.

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“They had to evacuate people and called in the fire brigade. When the fire brigade arrived, they had everything under control and put out the fire around 2 p.m. Normal activities have resumed in the shopping center.”

The director of the Lagos State Fire and Rescue Service, Margaret Adeseye, who confirmed the incident, said it took a long time for people to discover the fire was burning in the cinema because it was deserted.

She also noted that no causation had been established in the incident.

She said: “The Film House Cinema is not in use. By the time we were alerted and arrived on the scene, we realized the fire had been raging for quite some time. Almost all the material left behind had already been burned to ashes. The mall is a one-story building and the movie house is housed on the top floor of the one-story building.”

Speaking about the cause of the fire, Adeseye said the cinema may still have electrical power in its premises, adding that no one was using the power supply as the place had been abandoned for some time.

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Adeseye said: “We are still trying to unravel the possible cause. We received the fire report around 11:50 am and the fire was extinguished by 2 pm. No life or injuries have been recorded,”

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