Buhari’s performance could affect Tinubu’s chances – MBF, CSOs

The Middle Belt Forum has said the presidential flag bearer of the ruling All Progressives Congress may find it difficult to convince Nigerians to vote for him in the upcoming general election due to the poor performance of the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (ret. .).

During his recent visit to Imo State, Buhari had said his regime had done “extremely well” given the limited resources at its disposal, noting that he deserved some accolades from Nigerians.

The president also praised his administration for “expelling Boko Haram terrorists in the northeast and addressing the infrastructural decay he inherited from the opposition People’s Democratic Party government in 2015.”

In response, the MBF president, Dr. Bitrus Pogu, who described Buhari’s statement as laughable and misinformed, said the president had “lost touch with the reality of the nation’s state” for making such a statement.

Pogu also noted that the president’s actions had tarnished the image of the APC and diminished the party candidate’s chances in the upcoming elections.

In an interview with Saturday PUNCH, Pogu said: “The APC as a party has been dented by the President’s actions. So people should think twice before voting. They cannot be misled three times. They may have done it twice, but certainly not in 2023.

“Buhari’s statement that he has done well is laughable. Perhaps his lieutenants are misinforming him. Every Nigerian knows the situation. Before he came, it was an issue in the Northeast.

“Today it is a nationwide affair. People were not kidnapped for ransom on such a large scale back then. Today we have seen bandits take over towns and villages in this country.

‘He can be shielded by his lieutenants; so he does not know the true state of affairs. In every consideration — economics, security, health, education — things are worse than they’ve ever been. He is poorly informed about the events in Nigeria.

“When he came in, a dollar was about N198 or so; today, it’s around the N710 and counting. Everyone can clearly see that he is out of touch with reality. He should get out of that misinformed position and come to the real world.

“Even core APC members will think twice before voting that party back into power in 2023. Those who supported Buhari before will not do so for the APC candidate and that is a shame. Nigerians are not a bunch of fools,” he noted.

Also, the director of Adopt a Goal Initiative, Mr. Atoye Ariyo-Dare, told our correspondent that Tinubu would only enjoy the feelings of the people and an opportunity to buy votes.

“Outside of these two factors, Tinubu may not be able to win the 2023 elections,” he noted.

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