Charles Inojie writes heartwarming words as Ada Ameh is laid to rest

Popular Nigerian actor Charles Inojie has said goodbye to his colleague, Ada Ameh, on his Instagram account (@charlesinojie), while her remains are buried today.

Charles Onojie wrote in a captioned post in which pallbearers carry Ade Ameh’s coffin in Ogobia, Otupko Local Government of Benue State who carry Ade Ameh’s coffin:


There’s a chip in us
Deadpan and frozen

There is a broken heritage
Packed in a funeral wrapper

In that airtight wooden bed
is our naked truth

Regardless of the differences we cherished
You never can tell
How many of us are in it?

There’s another grim call
A burden for everyone
That no one is promised tomorrow

May we live today like the best of days
Spreading love beyond the boundaries of our comfortable thresholds
Till twilight darkens at the hour not foretold

When the once sonorous symphony
Fades forever
On the morbid horizon
From the curtain fall of life”

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Ada Ameh was 48 years old when she died on Sunday, July 17, 2022.


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