Daniel Durston Big Brother 24 House Guest Biography and Profile

Meet Daniel Durston Big Brother 24 Houseguest

Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Big Brother 24 Star Daniel Durston’s Wiki, Biography, Age, City, Occupation, Instagram, Residence, Profile & More

Now that the cast of Big Brother 4 has been revealed, let’s learn more about Daniel Durston, a 31-year-old Vegas performer from Ontario, California who will compete this summer with 15 other house guests for the top prize of $750,000.

First and last name Daniel Durston
Age 35
Sex Male
residence Ontario, California
Current residence Las Vegas, Nevada
Instagram @
Activity Vegas Artist
Daniel Durston Big Brother 24 House Guest Biography and Profile
Daniel Durston Big Brother 24 House Guest Biography and Profile

What’s the best advice you got before playing?

I think the best advice I got before coming out to play was actually when I was super young, when I was touring as a musician. I wanted to become bigger and more successful. And another musician who was once a clown told me, “You have to do what you have to do to get where you’re going.” And I’ve lived by that my whole life. And I’ll definitely take that with me Big Brother House.

Beyond that life motto, the best advice I’ve heard so far Big Brother goes, actually Kevin comes out Big Brother Canada on a podcast when he says, “Nobody knows anything. We’re all terrible. And we’re all stupid.” (laughs.)

How do you think people will see you?

I think when I enter the house, people will initially see me as a loud, obnoxious person. I’m very outspoken, and I project insanely loud, because I’m a theater actor. And they’re not wrong about all those things! (laughs.) I just hope they can create some sort of vibe with it. But I think maybe they will think I’m a physical threat because I’m 1.80m. But in general I’m not that big of a person. Hopefully there are bigger physical threats in the house. And they will let me slide on the radar for a while.

What kind of players would you least like to have in your alliance?

Loud and annoying people! (laughs.) Because I may be one of them and we have too many in one group. It’s definitely going to explode! But also the crazy manly men. Not physically big, but the ones who have to make it clear that they are just such a macho man. I don’t really click with those people. And I definitely don’t want to work with them.

What might the other house guests not like about you?

My humor is maybe a little skewed here and there. Because I’m used to hanging out with my best friends who understand me and I them. So when I met new people, I let that same humor fall on them. It often doesn’t stick at first. And people kind of judge me for it. So I have to start adapting and find my own way in it, and that’s what this game is about. But I think after the first few days they will hopefully get used to my humor, and I to theirs. And we’ll all just love each other until I pick them up. (laughs.)

On eviction night, would you rather run the votes against the house to help your individual play, or go with the house to help your overall alliance?

I’m going to do what works for me. Of course I have to do it in such a way that I don’t find out if it’s a fraudulent vote or something like that. But it’s definitely my game. I’ve waited too long to play this game to play someone else’s game. So on eviction night, it will be the voice that helps me. Whether that lasts with the house for a week or two, or just flips it all over whenever I want.

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