FCTA arrests 4 suspected attackers in possession of local weapons

Suspected armed fighters attacked the Federal Capital Territory Administration (FCTA) task force enforcing restrictions on commercial motorcyclists in Sabo Lugbe, along Airport Road, in Abuja, the country’s capital.

The suspects also allegedly obstructed the task force’s operations with guns and arrows last week, preventing the squad from seizing the motorcycles and arresting their riders for violating traffic restrictions.

However, it turned out that, once again mobilized with rifles, they were overwhelmed by the large number of combined forces made up of the police, army and other security forces, leading to the arrest of four of the fighters in possession of local weapons.

Senior Special Assistant for Supervision, Inspection and Enforcement to FCT Minister Ikharo Attah said it was concerning that people allowed by the government to assist constitutional security forces in the fight against insecurity have become an obstacle to law enforcement.

He stated that while the suspects fired shots threatening the task force, they were running out of luck due to the strong presence of security officers overpowering them.

Attah lamented that although the team makes sacrifices to fulfill the dream of making Abuja a model city, people who dislike the government’s efforts have always attacked the good works, arguing that the operations to stop the illegal activities checkmate of commercial motorcyclists in Abuja will be enforced, to ensure that route restrictions are adhered to.

He said; “The minister of the FCT has given us strong guidelines to remove okada from the airport roads, some parts of Area 1 and Kubwa. We in enforcement have always advocated the extended ban, but the minister insisted that we need to justify our ability to lift them. That’s why we came today. We touched zone 1.

“When the team from the Directorate of Traffic Services (DRTS) came here last week, they were attacked by some men here who identified themselves as registered hunters. The men insisted that no one wear an okada near where they are leading. They fired all okada drivers who were arrested.

“Today, the same men again quickly mobilized and fired at our team, insisting that no one will arrest an okada from there. Thanks to the bravery of the security personnel who were able to overpower them.

“These two guns were recovered from the hunters. We were very concerned because registered hunters and vigilantes would have to work closely with the police and other security forces so that they would stop us from our work, something they should tell the police commissioner.

The head of operations, DRTS Deborah Osho, also confirmed that 72 motorcycles had been seized and that confiscation would be sought from the court before they were crushed.

Osho added; “We have seized about 72 bikes and operations are still going on. We will bring the bike to our office in Wuye and go to court for a confiscation order and the crushing will take place.”

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