Firm introduces card to secure digital assets

A fintech company, Tangem Africa, has introduced a wallet card to ensure the security of more than 1000 digital assets for individuals and organizations.

The card was unveiled at a recently concluded African Financial Market Conference, according to a statement from the company.

The statement read in part: “Tangem created this card to enable organizations and individuals of all kinds to integrate digital assets into their daily lives and make transactions as simple as possible.

“From concept design to launch, Tangem cold wallet provides security and convenience to store 1000+ digital assets in one place. The design of the wallet makes it easy to carry and fits in a standard wallet.”

The statement noted that in 2021, scammers stole more than $14 billion worth of digital assets.

The company further stressed the need to ensure the security of digital assets out of the reach of scammers.

Regarding the card’s security, the brand’s representative in Nigeria, Osas Asehon, commented: “The EAL6+ chip is a certified highest-level security used in passports and credit cards, making this product highly durable and highly secure. .”

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He added that the card could last its owner up to 25 years, adding that the card was made of titanium and could survive under all conditions.

He also noted that the Tangem cards were available in major online stores in Nigeria and on the company’s website.

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