Focus on non-oil exports to recover economy, NEPC boss urges Nigerians

The Nigerian Export Promotion Council (NEPC) has advised Nigerians to focus more on non-oil exports for the economic survival of the country.

The Executive Director/Ceo of NEPC, Dr. Ezra Yakusak, recently gave the briefing in an interview with journalists during a visit to the Municipality’s regional office in Jos.

Yakusak, who had mentioned the need to recover the country’s dwindling economy, called on the public to pay more attention to non-oil exports as a means of recovering them.

“Early this year, NEPC launched a campaign called Export for Survival and the campaign is an appeal to all Nigerians.

“If we want Nigeria to change. If we want Nigeria to survive. If we want to see this country economically viable; then we should start with non-oil exports. That’s the only way we can get our currencies. Only in this way can we create employment. That’s the only way we can develop our industries. Only in this way can we make Nigeria economically great again. Export to survive,” he said.

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Yakusak reiterated the importance of developing the value chain in Plateau with regard to his “One State, One Product” initiative, but Yakusak sympathized with potato farmers about the recent potato blight that had devastated farms and left farmers with huge losses.

He urged them to adopt good agricultural practices that, when applied, will prevent future outbreaks of the disease.

“You know that most of these cases are due to the lack of good agricultural practices. We call it GAP and our regional office here does good farming practice.

“There are basic forms of farming practices that we need to practice, which when implemented will completely eliminate most of these cases. So we continue to build capacity for these farmers, and that’s what we’re doing,” added the NEPC Boss up.

He called on all stakeholders in the potato sector within the state to join hands with NEPC for the necessary support and training they need.

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