Foundation launches community recycling project in Lagos

An environmental organization, FABE International Foundation, has launched a recycling project labeled ‘TidyNigeria’ in communities across Lagos State.

With funding from the Coca-Cola Foundation, FABE Foundation launched a recycling center in Victoria Garden City, Lagos State, on Thursday.

In a statement from the organization made available to: The PUNCH By the end of Thursday, the recycling hub at VGC will be replicated in four other communities across the state.

Being a coastal region, plastic pollution is a major problem in the state and with the #TidyNigeriaRecyclingDrive, FABE hopes to encourage households and communities to subscribe to the deliberate and proper sorting of waste.

Speaking about the initiative, Chairman of The Coca-Cola Foundation, Saadia Madsbjerg, said: “This grant will support local communities in Lagos to better manage waste as we collectively move towards a zero-waste society, globally, one community at a time.”

According to the statement, some TidyNigeria hubs will be located within estates and communities and will operate as a community-led and community-inclusive hub selected to meet the organization’s ambitious goal of recovering 600 tons of post-consumer packaging.

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This will encourage the separation and sorting of waste from the point of source and provide consumers with the convenience and accessibility to recycle their household waste at a Tidy Nigeria Recycling Hub.

Anyone in the community can hand in their PET bottles, cans and boxes from different households and communities and be instantly rewarded through the #EcoShop.

This inclusion allows Tidy Nigeria Recycling Hub users to redeem cash or value to support their social needs.

The FABE Foundation aims to promote and create environmentally conscious communities by involving young people and everyone in society in creating sustainable eco-solutions to problems impacted by climate change that affect the health of people in the environment.

In July, the foundation organized a clean-up campaign on Okun-Ajah Beach in the Lekki area of ​​Lagos State.

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