Four common mistakes that can cause an explosion when using a gas stove

There are benefits to using gas for cooking. There are also drawbacks that should not be overlooked. One such drawback is the possibility of a gas explosion. Using gas is one of the fastest cooking methods.

When using gas, many of us forget to follow proper safety rules in the kitchen amid all the rush, making mistakes that can lead to a gas explosion. If you cook on gas at home, here are some things to avoid.

1. Putting the gas bottle in the wrong place

When it comes to positioning, there are many things to consider as gas-related accidents and even deaths can be caused by placing things in the wrong place.

To guarantee safety when cooking with cooking gas, always place your gas bottle on a stable and solid surface and place it vertically. When placing the gas cylinder vertically, the bottom of the cylinder would be on the surface and the regulator side would face up.

2. Fill your gas tank to the brim

Another mistake to avoid is filling your gas bottle to the brim. Filling your gas to the brim can cause gas leakage, putting you at risk of a gas explosion.

3. Placing flammable objects near a gas stove

Many people make the mistake of putting things on gas stove burners. It is safest not to place anything on the burners of the gas stove and keep flammable objects away from the stove.

The heat coming from a gas stove burner can burn things that are close by, especially flammable objects. Foil paper wrappers, kitchen utensils or pots, plastic, etc. should be kept at least a few feet away while the gas stove is on.

4. Ignore Gas Leak

Gas leakage can cause an explosion at any time when something ignites a spark. Whenever you notice a gas leak, shut off the gas completely, open all the windows and doors of the house, and find somewhere to stay in the meantime.


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