Giving is a universal commandment that everyone should try to obey – Kokun

Kokun Foundation is widely known for philanthropy. What motivated you to start this?

My motivation to give comes from my mother. Let me say she taught me to give. I come from a poor family and I have always said I would give back when I grew up. My mother is a spiritual person. She taught me to give. About six years ago she usually sent me out to hand out food in Ogba to the people at the train station. Since then, I’ve done my best to match her. So it has become a part of me. My background is motivation.

Where do you get your financing from?

I’m not just financing it. Most of my donors are anonymous. I have many individuals, companies and anonymous donors who support us and like what we do. It’s not just my money. I don’t just spend my money. Many people donate to us and we thank God for that. May God continue to care for them.

Are your actions politically motivated?

Everyone has their job to do. Just like you can’t ask a pastor if he’s doing his job for some reason. I’m like a minister because I fulfill God’s commandments. I believe that God will reward everyone according to their deeds on earth and that is why I strive to help the needy.

Who are your intended recipients?

I focus on the elderly and widows. This is a group in society that I think needs our help the most.

What challenges have you experienced?

Giving also comes with a lot of challenges and I’m sure you’re talking about the grinding machine incident. Before I started, I told them this was the best way to share the machines since we had a lottery, you understand? And so, for anyone who couldn’t get one, I asked them to keep hope alive. However, people were still going to say all sorts of things. But you know I’ve been doing this for a long time. There’s nothing that hurts me now.

How many states have you covered?

I have been to over 28 states in Nigeria. However, my most detailed work was done in the state of Oyo. I have done many outreaches in Oyo state. One of the most impactful is door-to-door visits. It is a system where you visit places where people live in extremely bad conditions and provide help. I have done that several times in Ibadan, I will cook food and bring it to these places to make sure they feel love and care. Some of these people lack the smallest of basic amenities. I also enlist the help of some of my friends in the entertainment field, etc. to add flair to such outreaches.

Are there any upcoming projects you’re thinking about?

I have many projects that I am working on with my team and very soon we will be rolling them out all over Nigeria. We now also have a food bank and we are open every day.

Tell us a little about yourself?

I was born in Sagamu, Ogun State, but I grew up in the Oke-Ira area of ​​Ogba in Lagos. From Sagamu I came to Lagos. I studied in Ogun Sate. That’s where I got my secondary education. The rest were in Lagos.

How do you relax?

I like to travel abroad to rest. But I can’t travel for now because it’s time for work. We are in work mode. After we have achieved our goals and objectives for the needy, we can rest.


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