How do you get over bad experiences?

It is said that experience is the best teacher. But there are some experiences that not only teach you the hard way, but also leave you broken and in pain.

No one is perfect, so it is impossible to avoid the possibility of being hurt by others or having bad experiences in life.

Bad experiences are usually painful and if not taken care of, they can destroy you for life.

It’s important that we don’t just talk about bad experiences, but how to get over them, because if the truth is told, some of these experiences will inevitably happen.

Even after we have learned from bad experiences, it is important that we also learn how to move on and be healed over time.

Have a bad experience that you can’t get over? Are you having a hard time moving on after a bad experience?

This article discusses ways to help you seamlessly overcome bad experiences.

1. Allow yourself to grieve and forgive

The first step to getting over a bad experience is to allow yourself mourning. Don’t try to cover up your emotions, if you feel like it crying, scream; if you feel like screaming, scream. Don’t stir up the emotion, don’t try to show that you are not affected by any experience.

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There’s no rule that says you don’t have the right to express your emotions or pain, so avoid pent-up pain, anger, and other painful experiences.

Allow yourself to feel what you feel. Just don’t get into it. And if you feel guilty, forgive yourself and everyone who has hurt you.

If you do this, I guarantee you’ll be on your way to getting over a bad experience.

2. Acceptance

Often we find it hard to believe that we are victims of some bad experiences. We continue to wallow in self-pity and condemnation. You start asking yourself questions like, “Why me? How could I have allowed this to happen to me?” and much more.

Even if this period of self-examination is unavoidable, it is important that we accept the situation. You have to understand that you are not always in control of everything that happens to you. To live happens!

To get over a bad experience, you have to accept that such experiences happened. You cannot turn back time.

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You cannot change what has happened to you in the past, but you can make the decision whether to define it, or whether through will, determination and courage you will do the best in the future.

3. Forget

It is instilled in us that we must “forgive and not forget”. When you decide to forgive and not forget, you hurt yourself all the more and it becomes more and more difficult for you to get over bad experiences.

Don’t just choose to forgive, but choose to forget. Don’t keep memories of bad experiences, throw away diaries of painful experiences and let yourself be healed.

Don’t lose yourself because you decide to “forgive and not forget”. You are important to me and this world absolutely needs you to be in a perfect state of health emotionally, psychologically and physically.

Whether those who have hurt you ask for forgiveness or not, choose for your well-being to not only forgive them, but also forget it, no matter how difficult it may seem.

4. Don’t do it alone

Another thing you need to do to get over bad experiences is know that you can’t do it alone. Try to keep around you friends you trust, the ones you know you will trust to support you as you go through those experiences.

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Share what you’re going through with people you trust. Share your burden. Don’t go through it alone or it will never go away.

It’s okay to be afraid of losing yourself along the way. As long as you have your friends, you will be able to find yourself again.

5. Learn

Experience, good or bad, is meant to teach you a lesson. Take your bad experiences and learn from them.

Always see that God has given you a lesson, learn now from all your experiences. Accept the things you can’t change, make changes where you can, and learn the difference and make the most of your bad experiences.

Be positive. Negative thoughts will always be in your head, but thinking positively will give you the strength to carry on.

All in all, time really does heal all wounds, if you let it. I’m rooting for you and I trust you’ll get through it.


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