I am now more focused on raising awareness about drug abuse, mental health —Pharmsavi

Pharmsavi and Kess were the fifth and sixth housemates to be evicted from Big Brother’s season seven ‘Level up’ house and have been released to the world to make an impact. In separate interviews, they told Friday Treat about their time on the show, lessons and projections for the future. Fragments…

How do you feel about leaving Big Brother House so early?

I’m not happy to leave so early because I wanted to get very far in the game. I never expected to leave so early because I was giving enough vibes and just being who I am. I was entertaining and all, but I guess I wasn’t entertaining enough for the audience.

What was your strategy for entering the House?

I never really had a particular strategy in mind. I was just myself in the house. During my audition, I told them I was the life of the party and always put a smile on everyone’s face. I am a jovial man and I have a contagious smile. I feel like that was more of a natural strategy for me.

We saw some sort of bromance between you and Bryann before your eviction. How do you want describe your relationship with him?

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Bryan is my husband. ‘Big Baby Bry’ as I always call him. Even from the very first week, Bryann would say, “I like this guy too. This guy doesn’t get wahala. When you look at this guy, just his smile, you just get joy.” He thought if the house was a sole proprietorship I would really go far because no one would even think of nominating me [for eviction] because I am a very happy boy. So Bryann and I had a very cordial relationship in the house.

What attracted you to Diana?

Diana is a sweet girl as I will always say. She is a very caring girl. After the arena matches Diana would always come to see me and say, “Hey PharmSavi, how are you? I didn’t see you yesterday. Hope you’re doing well?” That was really what attracted me to Diana. She has this very caring nature and she was always welcoming.

You were a little quiet at the beginning of the show. Even if roommates were arguing, you were always quiet. Were you just observing, did you feel lonely or what was it?

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Believe me, I wasn’t really quiet in the house. Even from the beginning I think it was the second day when Big Brother played music for us. I used to dance and vibrate to music and stuff. I wasn’t really quiet, but when it comes to fights, I stay away because I really didn’t understand what was happening or why the fight got really serious. But I was never quiet in the house. If you ask my roommates, you know I was never quiet in the house. I was a jovial man and most times they even complain that I make a lot of noise.

Now that Big Brother has come and gone, what should we expect from you?

I am a pharmacist which is why my name was PharmSavi in ​​the House. Before entering the House, I always had a plan to have my own pharmaceutical brand. I had a feeling that Big Brother would be a platform to expose me to connections in the pharmaceutical market. I want to start an NGO that focuses on drug abuse, drug abuse and mental health. These are things we need to focus on in the country. Clinical research is also very crucial. I took a clinical research course before going to the House. It’s something I’m very interested in. I’m also open to the entertainment industry, but my focus is on the pharmaceutical industry because I enjoy doing it.

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What were the highlights of your experience at the Big Brother house?

I know I’m a bad loser. Usually when I lose, I’m always silent. I will be sad about everything for a whole day or two, but entering the House has helped me overcome that. Another highlight in the house was the winning tasks and the betting challenge. It was cool. Then the pool party. I like going out, partying with my boys and stuff. Then the diary sessions with Big Brother. Every time I talk to him, he wants me to feel better. He tells me words that will cheer me up. I really enjoyed my stay at the Big Brother house, trust me. I enjoyed every bit. The pool, the cozy bed, everything.

Who do you think they will win the top prize for?

There are actually two people on my mind, Phyna and Bryann.


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