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I am a 40 year old man with a big problem. Since the age of 13 I can’t get an erection that’s full or firm enough for intercourse, so I can’t get married. All the drugs I found on the market just stimulate too much making me restless with lust but not a full or full erection. The other time, a young doctor injected me with testosterone and I went almost mad with lust and hunger for sex, but not a full erection. What am I doing?

Steve (by email)

A poor erection can be caused by many factors ranging from underlying health conditions such as infection, hypertension and diabetes. In addition, some cases of impotence are due to poor blood flow to the penis. In such cases, surgical correction may be required. Although I do not know the doctors you have consulted, I will recommend that you visit a teaching hospital closest to you, where a combination of specialists ranging from a urologist to a medical microbiologist and psychologist will give you a good can give an assessment. It could also be that the problem is in the mind. Therefore, it has been found that many cases of impotence are better treated with the support of an understanding spouse. Your poor erection should not be an excuse for not getting married because of the possible support your wife could give you in overcoming the problem.

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