Ihedioha was robbed in daylight, Dogara . explains

Politically controversial former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has thrown another bombshell in continuation of his fight against the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), of which he is part of declaring that Hon Emeka Ihedioha’s politics of victory as elected governor is deprived of the state of Imo.

Yakubu Dogara stated unequivocally that Emeka Ihedioha was the victim of a daylight robbery when his election as governor of Imo state was overturned by the Supreme Court in January 2020.

According to his media assistant, the former speaker spoke at the Thanksgiving service on Sunday to celebrate the 90th birthday of Ihedioha’s mother, Dame Dorothy Ihedioha, at St James Anglican Church, Asokoro, Abuja.

Yakubu Dogara frankly remarked with delight that Emeka Ihedioha’s stolen electoral mandate in no way broke his mind as he went on to live.

He then praised Emeka Ihedioha’s resilience and courage, which he believes stemmed from the upbringing he received from his mother.

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According to him: “We want to thank God for the gift of life and, more importantly, the gift of longevity. It is said that the impact of life is not measured by the number of years you live, but by the number of years you live. impact of one’s life.”


He emphasized that: “We have seen the impact of your life in the church, the community and in the lives of your children, as represented by my wonderful brother, His Excellency Rt. Dear Emeka Ihedioha.

“He has supported me and one of the meetings that led to my emergence as Speaker was held in his Gasthuis”, he continued.

The former Speaker added: “I want to say this with all humility that our brother here (Ihedioha) suffered a brutal robbery in daylight, and I can be quoted, but I thanked God that he didn’t bend or get depressed.

“And I believe it is his faith in God that has kept him and he must have had contact with this grace of our mother,” he added.

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Yakubu Dogara turned to the celebrant and said, “Mom, we thank God for your life and we pray that you will continue to age in grace and reach 120 years in good health and prosperity by His grace.”

He concluded by praying, “And we’ll be here to celebrate with you, because you’re ahead of us, so we’ll come too.”

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