Journalist from Kaduna offers kidney to daughter Ekweremadu

A journalist from Kaduna, John Femi Adi, has offered to donate one of his kidneys to Sonia, the ailing daughter of Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

Announcing in a Facebook post titled “Prepare to Save a Soul” Friday morning, Adi explained that he is making the donation based on God’s directive regarding neighborly love.

He wrote: “I, Comrade John Femi Adi, a journalist and farmer from Kaduna, hereby announce my ‘agape’ decision to donate one of my kidneys to the beautiful daughter of Senator Ekweremadu.

“I do this at God’s command in the Bible to love our neighbors as ourselves.
For further communication, please contact me on my official phone number: 08034210833.

On Monday, Sonia made a public appeal for kidney donation after she was diagnosed with a rare kidney disease.

According to Sonia, whose parents in the UK are accused of organ harvesting, she had to drop out of university because of the condition.

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