Kogi Community Writes NHRC to Ensure Diligent Research

Following the arrest and subsequent parades of suspected attackers of the Owo Catholic Church in Ondo State by the Chief of Defense Staff, Lieutenant General Lucky Irabor, the Eika Solidarity Forum, Okehi Local Government Area, of Kogi State has a passionate appeal to the National Human Rights Commission Executive Secretary to ensure thorough and diligent investigation.

The call, titled “Petition over gross human rights violations and detention of Abubakar Otuhuo Momoh and three others by the Chief of the Defense Staff, General Lucky Irabor,” is aimed at Abubakar Otuhuo Momoh, a community leader, trained laboratory technician and owner of the Jamaatul Muslimeen Academy, Eika

He was arrested along with two of his JSS 2 students, Aliyu Yusuf and Ishaq Awal, which included:
Idris Malik, nurse in training

Sir, we, the members of the Eika Ohizenyi Solidarity Forum, would like to appeal to your offices to intervene in the arrest and subsequent parades of four of our members for alleged involvement in the shooting in the Catholic Church of Owo, in the state ondo.

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“While people can be unpredictable, we are convinced of the impeccable characters of Abubakar Otuhuo Momoh, a former community leader, trained laboratory technician, owner, Jamaatul Muslimeen Academy Eika,” stated the Forum.

According to the petition, Otuhuo Momoh was arrested on August 1, 2022, along with Idris Abdulmalik, a nurse in training, and two SS2 students from his school, Masters Aliyu Yusuf and Ishag Awwal, in their homes.

“While we may not want to bias the security forces about how they should do their job, we believe they were hasty in coming to the conclusion.

We have known them in the community for many years without a trace of criminal inclinations, so we were shocked to see them paraded for a serious crime of shooting worshipers in a holy Catholic church in Owo Ondo state.

Although the security services said the investigation is ongoing, we charge them with discretion and sincerity to prevent innocents from being punished for the crime they did not commit.

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We believe that they should be treated as innocent until proven otherwise by the competent court.

However, we urge your good offices to ensure that their basic human rights, as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution, Chapter 2 and Chapter 4, are guaranteed.

We are counting on your prompt action, please.” The letter ends.


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