Kwara high school principals greet educational development, well-being

High school heads in Kwara state on Wednesday praised Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq’s efforts to improve the state’s education sector and said his achievements in improving the learning environment and the wellbeing of teachers are remarkable.

The teachers also praised the introduction of KwaraLEARN, describing it as impactful and adding that the administration’s interventions are also spread across every part of the state.

The school principals spoke at an interactive meeting in Ilorin, which the governor held to get their pulse on the government’s focus on primary education and their well-being across the board.

At least 300 school principals attended the meeting, along with some key stakeholders from across the education sector in Kwara State.

Recognizing the improvements in their wages and learning environment, the teachers also called on the governor to consider restoring the boarding schools that died out a few years ago, ending the pay gap between primary school teachers and their counterparts in primary education. higher secondary, more funds to labs in the schools, and doing more to make up for the wage arrears he encountered in 2019.

The director of the Ilorin Grammar School, Hajia Abdullahi Muslimat Iyabo, said the school was one of the schools that benefited from an extensive renovation of schools under Governor Abdulrazaq’s administration.

“Our school not only benefited from a few renovations, but from a total renovation of the school. On behalf of the management of Ilorin Grammar School, we would like to thank you. I also want to express our gratitude to you for the sense of humility and dedication to the well-being of the teachers and students. I also want to sincerely appreciate your efforts to ensure that teachers are promoted, and we want you to keep this up,” she said.

The director of Ipetu-Igbomina Community Junior Secondary School in Irepodun Local Government, Mr Babatunde Josuah Adegboyega, said the administration has given the schools an appropriate facelift and done its best to promote well-being.

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“I want to appreciate your good gesture for the implemented promotion, the social security packages on salaries and changing the facelift of schools through renovation. God will remain your guide,” Adegboyega said.


Director of Queen Elizabeth Senior Secondary School Ilorin, Sidikat Taye Lawal, praised AbdulRazaq for his prompt interventions on issues affecting the school.

“On behalf of the former students of the Queen Elizabeth School, of which I am one of them, thank you for transforming the Queen Elizabeth School into a modern secondary school through the road network. We would like to appreciate you again for your care and love for the students of the exchange program as I remember last year I was in Minna, Niger State for the Conference of Principals of Exchange Schools and Kwara State was ranked as the best in the program, she said said.

“We were able to communicate with principals from other states and learned how some had to borrow money to educate their students. But in the case of Kwara, we get money to feed these students when and when they need to and you transport them at the right time, and you don’t leave them to their parents to send transport costs. Thank you very much sir.”

Ms Jimoh CS of Junior Secondary School Awonga, Shao in Moro Local Government, said the condition of the school was in a sorry state before 2019.

“I want to appreciate your Excellency Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq for the changes you have made in the education sector. In my previous school, Government Junior Secondary School, Bode Saadu, the school was in a bad state, I don’t even know how to describe the school, all the buildings there were destroyed,” she recalls.

“I used to go to SUBEB almost every day to beg for the renovation of the school, but nothing was done. There was a time when the man told me that the school is one of the schools that needs renovation, but nothing happened. But when our Excellency got there, there was both new construction and renovation in the school.”

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Umar Abubakar, director of secondary school, Kanko secondary school, Shonga district of Edu local government, said the trajectory of primary education has changed forever since the arrival of the governor.

Balla Sa’ad, another principal of Islamiyah College Patigi, described AbdulRazaq as a workaholic governor who has devoted so many resources to improving primary education.

“He’s a people’s governor and a kind governor. In fact, in my local government, the slogan is now everywhere you go, AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq’s good works are there,” he said.

The school principals called for the recruitment of more science and language teachers and non-teaching staff, the provision of more textbooks in core subjects, in-service training for teachers, and an improved school safety network.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development, Ms. Mary Adeosun, said the governor has been exemplary in his commitment to education, which she believes reflects his passion for the future of the state.

Chairman of SUBEB, Prof. Shehu Raheem Adaramaja, described the interactive session as historic in the state.

Adaramaja attributes the long-standing pay disparity between SUBEB and TESCOM teachers to four factors, two of which have now been resolved.

He listed the factors as over-deductions from the NUT and the National Housing Scheme (NHS) dues — both of which have now been addressed and reflected in teachers’ salaries — cessation of step upgrades for SUBEB teachers since 2016, and not -payment of allowances to teachers with TRCN. He said these challenges will also be resolved, but called for patience and understanding from the teachers.

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Adaramaja also said that pending overdue promotions would be implemented soon, recalling that the government had similarly cleared some of the overdue promotions without any political affiliation.

The SUBEB boss said that training and retraining of teachers has been paramount to the administration, especially with the renewed cordial relationship between UBEC and SUBEB.

AbdulRazaq, for his part, acknowledged all the issues raised by the teachers and said the government remains committed to a total turnaround of the education sector so that Kwara can regain its place in the north and in Nigeria as a whole.

“We have introduced the KwaraLEARN program and thank you all for embracing the program. That is one of the ways to bring Kwara back to the top in Northern Nigeria and the rest of the country. The investment that the government and you are making today may not be immediately apparent, but it is something that will speak for all of us later in the future. What you are doing is producing responsible citizens for Nigeria and the world, and we are grateful for that,” he said.

“I have listened carefully to all issues of promotions, leave bonuses, uniforms in schools, non-academic staff, textbooks, harmonization between TESCOM and SUBEB salary, retraining, seminars, safety in schools, unity schools and exchange students within the state, equipping from labs in our schools, water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) facilities in schools, backlogs in salaries, education for girls and children, trespassing on school property and building shops for schools. These were part of the issues raised today and we will dissect them and deal with them one after the other.”

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Kwara high school principals greet educational development, well-being

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Kwara high school principals greet educational development, well-being

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