Labor Party ousts Peter Obi’s campaign coordinator

The Labor Party leadership has issued a disclaimer distancing itself from the activities of the Imo state coordinator of Obi-Datti’s presidential campaign organization, Fabian Ihekweme.

In a statement released in Abuja on Sunday, the party’s national publicity secretary, Arabambi Abayomi, described the controversial Obi-Datti Campaign Organization’s state chairman as being involved in “clandestine conspiracy and fraudulent activity.”

This is even as Ihekweme denied the accusation, which he claimed was sponsored by certain members of the party’s architecture.

Abayomi accused Ihekweme of serial fraud by obtaining money from people under false pretenses with the sole aim of jeopardizing the party’s victory in the 2023 general election.

The statement read, in part: “Our attention has been re-directed to a very apparent act of fraudulent activity by one Fabian Ihekweme, the illegal Imo State chairman of Peter Obi/Datti’s presidential campaign council, through a dedicated, deliberate and conscious mission to lead Labor. Party in a complicated series of sectoral and serial frauds by obtaining money under false pretenses with the sole aim of jeopardizing the Labor Party’s victory in the 2023 general election.

“This is yet another evil and bizarre antics by Fabian Ihekweme in his quest to continue to defraud the public through a fraudulent collection of donations from unsuspecting members of the public.
“His provocative and highly derogatory press statement addressed to media organizations would have been ignored with its childish content, if silence was thought to mean consent at all ramifications.”

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The Labor Party image maker, however, frowned at the way Ihekweme manages his Imo State platform, which was legally intended to take directives but was unilaterally processed outside the party’s constitutional influence.

According to him, the Labor Party remains the sole authority on every aspect of the processes related to the campaign for its legally proposed candidates.

“Fabian failed in his most pathetic and totally arrogant, ignorant and superficial understanding of the Constitution in his attempt to ridicule the party by making false claims that a candidate is free to set up a campaign team independently, free from the political party who proposed him as a candidate.

“This and many primitive innuendo fueled by ignorance were expressed in his so sinful anti-party crime of a state. He didn’t even stop with the foregoing and continued to make threats to the party leadership.

In addition, the National Labor Party Chairman, Barr Julius Abure, has stated that any further willful and criminally inclined offense by anyone or a group of people who in any way provoke the party and its benevolence should be reported to the Inspector’s Office . General of the police and of course.

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“This is not limited to Fabian Ihekweme as criminal behavior is exemplified by the Imo state impersonator who thinks he is better placed or superior to the National President and the NWC is not only highly disrespectful with gross insubordination but any further occurrence will the party with no option but to order the arrest of the perpetrators,” he said.

In a quick response, Ihekweme defended himself in another release issued on the same day, saying the innuendo was false.

Ihekweme, who confirmed that the Imo campaign council had been duly inaugurated by Prof. Pat Utomi, another senior member of the organization, pleaded with the party hierarchy to stop trying to remove their presidential candidate from the market.

He said: “It is important to rectify the data at this stage to avoid widespread misconceptions and misconceptions. On behalf of the Imo State Presidential Campaign Council for Peter Obi-Ahmed Datti, it is my special honor to make the following clarifications in order to strengthen our campaign and also to clear and clear the minds of our readership about the false innuendo by a few slanderers and disobedient elements who are direct beneficiaries of the current failed leadership and are now trying to hide under the prominent names of Peter Obi and Ahmed Datti to further their own selfish political interests and benefits.

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“I have refused to get involved in this unnecessary and unwarranted supremacy struggle with the Imo LP leadership, which claims to be acting under a directive from the Party’s National Secretariat to reject the constitution and the inauguration of the Imo State Presidential Campaign Council .

“We have clearly raised the bar of our campaign in Imo State to a new and enviable height. Right now we don’t need a distraction. There is no arguing that in any thriving democracy anywhere in the world is there a conflict of interest between the party board and the campaign council.

“It is the prerogative of a nominee from a political party to create his or her own campaign team. The party sometimes plays little or no role when it comes to determining the key actors in a campaign council at any level.

“I don’t want to believe that opposition elements have infiltrated and penetrated certain individuals within LP’s base, both at the state and national levels.

“As State Coordinator for Obi-Datti Presidential Campaign Board, Imo, I hereby implore Labor Party leadership and critical stakeholders at all levels to stop demarketing Peter Obi in Imo State.”

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