LASTMA calls on officials to drive ‘one-way traffic’

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority has summoned its officials who were filmed driving against traffic, an act popularly known as ‘one-way traffic’.

Lagos State Police Command spokesman Benjamin Hundeyin made the announcement on Saturday while responding to the viral video of a Twitter user identified as Adedapo.

In the video, the tweep was outraged that the LASTMA vehicle was traveling “one-way” despite state traffic laws, which revealed that there were three officers in the vehicle.

In response to the viral video on Twitter, Hundeyin tweeted: “Civil arrest + swear word = well done; Police arrest + swear word = intimidation, unprofessionalism. Double standards, I guess. Call @followlastma while we investigate.”

Hundeyin provided an update on the situation, adding: “I have contacted LASTMA authorities and the head of the police unit with LASTMA.

“I can confirm that an internal investigation has been launched. This is not being swept under the rug. We appreciate citizen reports.

“I just received confirmation that the entire team has been identified and summoned to @followlastma’s headquarters. Updates will follow.”

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This comes two days after the Lagos state government auctioned off seized and abandoned cars, sparking a wave of backlash.

Emotions ran high on Thursday as abandoned and forfeited vehicles were auctioned off by the Lagos State government at Task Force Yard, Ikeja.

Some of those who attended the public sale included drivers whose vehicles were impounded for disobeying traffic laws.

The event was filled with various dramas from bidders and businessmen who came solely for business purposes.

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