Man sues wife and father-in-law for marrying other suitor

A man, Ayuba Sule, has dragged his estranged wife, Awawu Haruna, to a Kwara State court in Ilorin for allegedly illegally marrying another man, Jemilu Bahause, who is now her new husband.

Also, the woman’s father, Haruna Danjuma, is being charged in court, who allegedly married off her daughter to the new suitor without the knowledge of Sule, the first husband, and without dissolution of the previous marriage.

Sule, a resident of the town of Otte in the Asa Local Government Area of ​​Kwara State, claimed in the lawsuit he filed in the court that his father-in-law actively participated in his marriage to her daughter, which was concluded according to Islamic law and rites. .

He claimed that his wife’s father facilitated another marriage between his daughter and Bahause on August 6, 2022 while the prenup with him (Sule) was still in place.

According to Sule, “Alhaji Haruna Danjuma, the father of my wife (Awawu) in order to hide the illegality, has moved her daughter and new husband, Jemilu Bahause, to an unknown location and since then they have been living together as husband and wife.”

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However, the magistrate of the trial, Mr. Abdulraheem Bello, who presided over the case, ordered that both the couple (Awawu and Jemilu), as well as the father of the bride, be returned to the federal correctional facility, Ilorin.

The case was adjourned to September 26, 2022 to be heard.

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