MAX provides emergency aid in Korede . village

Metro Africa Xpress Inc. (MAX) leads the African mobility platform and funder of high-tech/electric vehicles and has donated a powerful tricycle to the village of Korede, a rural community in Oyo state.

The tricycle is intended to be used as an ambulance within the healthcare sector.

This was done as part of the mobility technology company’s commitment to impact the lives of Africans and raise living standards. It does this primarily by making powerful and electric vehicles available to African commercial drivers on a subscription basis and with no upfront cost.

Chinedu Azodoh, president and co-founder of MAX, said on the initiative: “Several rural areas in Africa are experiencing particular health problems. MAX is constantly thinking about ideas to improve the lives of our driver community and also that of the wider population. This is the main driver behind the initiative.”

He added: “One of the things we think more entities should think about is how we can make our communities healthier places to live. We believe that innovations in technology in multiple areas can serve as a catalyst to transform healthcare in rural Africa. We are aware that a simple device like this tricycle, which is solely for emergency relief in their healthcare system, can make a significant difference in Korede village.”

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A representative from Korede village said: “It’s really great that a company like MAX is thinking of us, and we hope that other programs like this will continue to come to our village.

Executive Director, MAX, Guy-Bertrand Njoya, explained that patients requiring emergency treatment are disproportionately difficult to care for in rural areas without basic health care.


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