Middle Belt Assembly asks Buhari to publicly apologize to Nigerians for hardship and uncertainty

The Middle Belt United Assembly (MBUA) has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to publicly apologize to Nigerians for the hardship and insecurity plaguing the country.

This was even when the assembly accused him of failing to deliver on his campaign promises.

The group recalled that in 2015, Buhari promised Nigerians to vote for him to keep them safe and improve their well-being, but rather the economy, and security became worst under his government.

Speaking to journalists in Kaduna, the group’s chairman, Comrade Moses Mwarga Aji, said on Thursday that ordinary Nigerians go to bed with empty stomachs as the prices of food and other products in the market have doubled compared to what President Buhari said in a statement. 2015 inherited.

Aji, added that even with a lot of hunger in the country, Nigerians, especially in the northern region, are in utter fear of the unknown and can’t sleep with their eyes closed as insecurity devastates communities.

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“We have called on President Buhari to publicly apologize to Nigerians for his failed promises on security, economics and anti-corruption. From bad in 2015 to worst now,” he advised.

He also called on the international community to put pressure on Buhari to secure the nation and hold elections in 2023.

“The nation is in suspense over the fate of the 2023 general election as some prominent Nigerians voice fears that the election may not go ahead due to insecurity. Elections should take place as scheduled in the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC). Nigerians will not accept a postponement of elections,” he said.

To that end, he further urged President Buhari to provide sufficient security to the north-central zone to fight in safety in Benue, Plateau, Niger and other affected states.

According to him, Buhari urgently needs to wake up and give the administration serious attention by fighting insecurity, bad economy and massive corruption: “President Buhari must leave a legacy for Nigerians.

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“As things stand in the country right now, Nigerians may not remember Mr. President’s resignation from office. They may only remember him when there is uncertainty, corruption and hardship. Please, Mr President, use the remaining months to correct Nigeria and put Nigeria back on the path of progress, unity and development,” Aji said.

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