Mixed Reactions Follow Peter Obi’s Interview on CNN

Mixed Reactions Follow Peter Obi’s Interview on CNN

Sharon Osajic

Reactions followed the interview of the Labor Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, which was held Friday night on the Cable News Network. Nigerians have a lot to say about the interview on social media.

The interview, which was scheduled to take place earlier in September, was moved twice, and speculation about whether it would ever take place again filled the social media space. However, it was announced on CNN’s Zain Asher Twitter handle that the interview would take place at 5 p.m. Friday.

Since the interview aired, the Nigerian social media space has exploded with so many comments. Of Twitter @promyxx1 said: “This is not the kind of politics that Atiku and Tinubu also use…Peter Obi ‘don’t carry them where they don’t know.’ ”

@AdaAwgbu_ said: “Peter Obi has given Nigeria more image boost in the last three months than all our Information and Foreign Ministers combined in the last ten years.”

@UzoanyaP said: “The best time to be called Nigerian was in 1960. Another best time is now! Peter Obi has filled my hopes for a better Nigeria. #PeterObionCNN.”

Some other tweeps had something else to say: “Zain Asher Ejiofor is an Igbo girl, right in Enugu state. You don’t expect an honest conversation from someone with an interest.” @ennyola0015 said.

@DanielRegha also stated: “Peter Obi has not stated how he intends to fix Nigeria, everything he said is already known and said by candidates before him. Giving speeches is one thing, taking action is another. Moreover, his acting as Governor in Anambra grossly overrated. Not offensive.”

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