Motorists stranded as students protest ASUU strike in Osun

The wave of protests launched by Nigerian students to agitate for prompt payment from their striking teachers in some parts of the country resurfaced in Osun state on Thursday as angry students stormed the major Gbongan highway to express their dismay over the federal government’s refusal to claim wages from their teachers.

The protesting students who blackened the road by lighting bonfires and building barricades for motorists and other road users to use their way through caused long traffic jams by hindering vehicles and people.


The protest led by the leadership of the National Association of Nigerian Students, Zone ‘D’ South West, raised eyebrows at the government’s lukewarm attitude to the plight of their striking teachers.

However, they promised not to succumb to their efforts to win the government over to compensate for their teachers’ outstanding rights by saying it is their right and they should have it.

Addressing the crowd, Zone ‘D’ coordinator Olatunji Adegboye frowned at the manner and manner in which their tutors’ demands are being dragged on foot, claiming that there would be no withdrawal, no surrender in this matter.

However, he argued for a law banning the children of politicians from going to school abroad, saying, “Such a law would make the operation of public universities more efficient.

“We want the legislature to pass a bill that would make it impossible for the children of politicians to travel abroad to study. They should be here and study with us in Nigeria as we are all equal. Assuming their kids study here, they won’t do what they do.

He stressed that “we are on our way because of the ongoing ASUU strike that has started since February 14, it has been 7 months. We are tired of staying at home, we want to go back to our different institutions.”

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