Motorists, travelers stranded as Ado-Ilawe-Ekiti road collapses

MANY travelers and motorists were stranded on Wednesday after the collapse of the Ado-Ekiti-Ilawe-Ekiti road connecting the state to Ondo state.

Nigerian Tribune noted that, before the collapse, the road served as an alternate route for people traveling between Ekiti and Ondo states.

The other road between the two states, the AdoAkure Highway, is in a dire condition. It was gathered that the Ado-Ekiti-Ilawe-Ekiti road collapsed in the early hours of Wednesday after sustained torrential rains experienced in the state lately.

The development caused motorists and other travelers to enter Ekiti and go out of state to take a detour and follow other routes connecting their destinations.

Some of those who spoke to the Nigerian Tribune deplored the appalling state of roads in the state, just as they called on the state and federal governments to urgently clear the road for the benefit of the citizens.

A motorist entering Ado-Ekiti from Akure, Johnson Olaoluwa, stated that he spent four hours on the road before making a detour to pass the Ilawe-Igede-Iyin road to connect the capital of Ekiti state.

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He said: “This is what we have been asking for in recent years that these roads are in bad shape, but they have not listened.

“I was here over four hours ago hoping that we will see how to pass and as you can see that is not possible.


“I will have to make a detour to Igede to Iyin and join Ado-Ekiti; you can see the stress and the number of minutes it takes. The government should get here quickly and work on this part that has now collapsed.”

The Alawe of Ilawe-Ekiti, Oba Adebanji Alabi, who visited the scene, praised the state government for its responsiveness, adding that quality work needs to be done to make the road accessible to the people.

Oba Alabi said: “We need to refurbish that place immediately by the state government and thank goodness they responded because I saw their officials on site. They are now mobilizing to the site.

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“It must be urgent work, because as it stands, it is currently impassable; the community is cut off.”

The Governor’s Special Adviser for Roads and Infrastructure, Sunday Adunmo, told the Nigerian Tribune that he led a team to the crime scene and said it was a natural occurrence as a result of the water flowing from the rock in the area.

He promised that the state government would repair the affected section in due course, noting that the place had been barricaded to avoid casualties from motorists, especially at night.

He said, “It was a natural thing; just a run-off of the rock. You can’t stop the movement of water out of the rock.

“It’s not the collapse of the bridge, it’s the road. We are in the rainy season and don’t forget that there are also buildings on the other side of the hill. “I think it started before, nobody knows, it was the culmination of what happened there over the years; that was what led to the collapse of the road.

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“We move in right away; we have blocked the way to make way for the alternative. We look at Igede-Ekiti and make that place passable as a connecting road, then we go back to repair the place as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) in Ekiti state has issued a travel advisory to motorists after the road collapse, just as it stated that officers of the Corps were already on the ground to divert traffic out of the area.

The Public Education Officer of the Ekiti Command, Taiwo Ojo, said: “FRSC officials are on site for traffic diversion. This will continue until appropriate action has been taken as the appropriate authorities have been contacted. “Motorists are advised to use the following alternative routes; Ado – ​​Iyin – Igede – Ilawe – Igbaraodo – Igbaraoke – Akure and Ado – ​​Iju/Itaogbolu – Akure roads.”

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