mPharma acquires majority stake in HealthPlus

mPharma, Africa’s leading patient-centric technology-driven healthcare company, has acquired a majority stake in HealthPlus, the leading pharmacy chain in Nigeria. mPharma and its former investor, Alta Semper, have signed an agreement to acquire a majority stake in the HealthPlus Group.

According to mPharma’s Chief Executive Officer and co-founder, Gregory Rockson, the acquisition fits in with the company’s mission to build an Africa in good health by delivering life-changing health services and medicines to improve health outcomes for patients. improve. He stated that mPharma’s acquisition of the HealthPlus Pharmacy chain complements mPharma’s deep commitment to increasing patients’ access to affordable and quality healthcare in Nigeria.

“mPharma deepens its longstanding commitment to Africa by reshaping primary health care in some of the continent’s most vulnerable communities. We continue to transform community pharmacies into primary care centers to provide affordable and accessible health care to all patients, enabling them to live not only longer, but healthier lives. We are optimistic about the future of healthcare for Nigerians with the acquisition of HealthPlus,” said Rockson.

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Commenting on the acquisition, Afsane Jetha, Co-Founder and CEO of Alta Semper Capital, said: “We are excited about HealthPlus’ partnership with mPharma. We strongly believe in mPharma’s strategy to revolutionize primary care across Africa and believe that mPharma is the ideal steward for HealthPlus’ next growth chapter. We believe mPharma’s vision is consistent with that of HealthPlus’ shareholders and employees, and we are excited to support the company through a future relationship with mPharma.”

While mPharma plans to maintain and strengthen HealthPlus as Nigeria’s leading pharmacy brand in Nigeria, the acquisition also provides expansion opportunities for mPharma within Nigeria and a platform to expand mPharma’s mutti pharmacy retail footprint across the continent through the fast-growing QualityRx program. Powered by mPharma’s proprietary Bloom software, HealthPlus will provide patients with access to affordable primary care in its pharmacies, in addition to affordable and high-quality medicines it currently sells in 12 states in Nigeria. Pharmacy chain HealthPlus will also launch mutti®, mPharma’s health membership program, which will offer both existing and new customers discounts, interest-free “heal-now-pay-later” plans, free health screenings and other primary care services.

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Combining HealthPlus pharmacies with mPharma’s growing portfolio of partner mutti pharmacies and GoodHealth stores (PPMVs), mPharma’s network will grow from 224 to more than 320 health facilities in Nigeria and will provide care to more than 100,000 each month Nigerians.

About mPharma
mPharma is a patient-centric technology-driven healthcare company. We provide innovative solutions including supplier managed inventory services, retail and primary care solutions for community pharmacies and data analytics. Our mission is to build an Africa of good health by increasing access to medicines for all patients at a lower cost, while ensuring and maintaining quality. Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Ghana, we have expanded our operations to 9 other African countries, Nigeria, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Gabon, Togo and Uganda. We currently have a network of more than 400 pharmacies in our key markets, serving more than 100,000 patients each month.

Our partner pharmacies across Africa have dispensed millions of life-saving medicines to patients.

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About HealthPlus Limited
HealthPlus Limited is Nigeria’s first integrated pharmacy, the leading pharmacy chain in Nigeria. HealthPlus is committed to the mission of helping people achieve optimal health and vitality while delivering superior value to stakeholders. More importantly, HealthPlus also launched Nigeria’s first integrative e-pharmacy and also has a mobile app, allowing customers to interact with certified healthcare professionals in real time.

About Alta Semper Capital
Alta Semper Capital is an institutional private equity manager committed to democratizing access to health and wellness for generations in emerging markets. Founded by Afsane Jetha, Ronald Lauder (Clinique Laboratories President and former US Ambassador to Austria), Richard Parsons (Rockefeller Foundation President and Time Warner Group CEO), Alta Semper is committed to sustainable investing in healthcare, consumer and and technology sectors, which have invested in leading healthcare businesses in Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco, Kenya and Pakistan.

Media contact
Bawo Ogunro

Chief of Staff, mPharma

mPharma acquires majority stake in HealthPlus

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