‘Naija’ Inspired by the Country’s Challenges — Filmmakers

Two filmmakers, Davidson Ogujiuba and Obinna Obioma, have said their short film titled ‘Naija’ was inspired by the problems plaguing the country.

In a statement sent to saturday beats, the filmmakers noted that the film sheds light on the country’s story, in relation to a modern youth and their struggles.

The statement read in part: “The film is a conceptual fashion and art collaboration that highlights and addresses some of the social, economic and political issues that plague the ‘Giant of Africa’. Despite all that the country has to offer, many will agree that it has not lived up to its potential as the country is constantly on the move and seemingly not changing for the better.

“The state of Nigeria can be described as a fire that is believed to have been extinguished. That fire is our hope for a better Nigeria. As long as there is only one ember in the fire, there is still hope.”

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For his part, Ogujiuba said: “The film is made for average Nigerians who are very resilient. There are many different ones that we are fighting, and the way we have been able to keep it together needs to be studied. Any Nigerian can deal with these issues The film ends with what I believe is the only way to change things in the country for good.”

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