Nigeria needs competent leader, Shettima says

The All Progressives Congress vice presidential candidate, Senator Kashim Shettima, has said the country’s political situation needs a capable and committed Nigerian who will promote national cohesion.

So said the former governor of Borno state on Thursday during his lecture on the theme ‘Social clubs and the quest for national cohesion in Nigeria’, during the 96th anniversary of the Yoruba Tennis Club in Lagos.

He said: “Lately we have witnessed increasingly alarming tendencies towards a loss of faith in the idea of ​​our national cohesion. However, the truth is that nation building is a continuous work in progress and we must always remain optimistic .

“When the founders launched this prestigious club, the Yoruba Tennis Club, they could not have imagined all the problems of the past 96 years, but were filled with the optimism that their club would not only emerge, but that it would overcome any kind of turbulence. . It is a lesson to be swallowed in politics and in our efforts to strengthen national cohesion in Nigeria.”

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The vice-patron of the YTC, Dr. Abayomi Finnih, noted that the club has learned the lesson of brotherhood and endured a strong legacy that has enabled it to survive all the challenges of the past 96 years.

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