NSCIA Welcomes Judgment On Murder Of Muslim Boy For Church Ritual

The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) has praised the judiciary for ruling in a case involving the murder of a seven-year-old Muslim boy, Kazeem Rafiu, whose head was then used for rituals at a church.

The NSCIA, in a statement Wednesday from its deputy secretary general, Professor Salisu Shehu, greeted the August 9, 2022 verdict of an Ikeja Special Offenses Court that sentenced Rev. Erinmole Adetokunbo and an accomplice, Adedoyin Oyekanmi, to death for the heinous crime .

The council noted that the verdict was the culmination of a five-year case involving the duo, who cut off the boy’s head on June 7, 2017, buried it under the altar of their church and threw his body into the canal.

It described the murder as a reprehensible act of the highest order, committed in the name of a church’s fetish development.

According to the body, the pastor and his accomplice, in the words of Oluwatoyin Taiwo, who pronounced the sentence, “cruelly and deliberately murdered a seven-year-old boy and deprived him and his family of a wonderful fate.”

The NSCIA said: “While the verdict would not restore the precious soul of the young Kazeem, it proves that the path that Lagos Muslims are taking to have Christian criminals treated like other criminals and not criminalize Christianity is civil and logical .

“The Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (NSCIA) cannot help but acknowledge the development it has been closely monitoring since the unfortunate incident sent shockwaves to the country in 2017.

“We unequivocally commend the judiciary for the meticulous conduct of the investigation and administration of justice. While it is well known that delayed justice equals justice denied and we hope that the wheel of justice will roll much faster in the future, it is gratifying that the prosecution was carried out diligently until the verdict was served without fear or favour.

“Many Muslims found the beheading of a Muslim boy for a church ritual distasteful and provocative enough for the NSCIA to have condemned Christianity and the Christians.

“Such Muslims who expect NSCIA to take a divisive propaganda approach from others fail to realize that two mistakes don’t make right.

“However, the Council’s position is that you don’t bite a dog because it has bitten one and you don’t roll in the mud with a pig just because it likes to do so.

“The Council believes that criminals are criminals and should be treated as such without relying on grassroots emotions or using the crime of a minority to defame, slander or harass the majority. Neither the church nor the Bible asked the evil pastor and his henchman to do what they did, we emphasize, and they should renounce the teachings of Jesus.

“Had the Council chosen to be as grumpy as others, innocent Christians would have been unnecessarily tortured, the Church vilified and the polity overheated by the sensationalism of a pastor who murdered a Muslim and put his head in his head. church buried.

“To be clear, the penchant for weaponizing religion for political expediency and the constant harassment of Muslims in general for the crime of any criminal nominally associated with Islam is odious to any conscientious Nigerian, not just Muslims.

“Religious leaders would rather be cautious in their expressions and pronouncements as true people of God, not politicians in cassocks. They must resist the temptation to stir passions through the baseless accusations of so-called Fulanization and Islamization, which are effectively a smokescreen for their discreet atrocities and undisguised bigotry against Muslims in Nigeria. This is just advice and religion is essentially about giving advice.”

Similarly, the council condemned the murder of a cleric in Yobe, Sheikh Goni Aisami Gashua, last Friday by two suspected soldiers, Corporals John Gabriel and Adamu Gideon of the 241 Recce Battalion, Nguru, Yobe State.

It said: “After the arrest of the criminals in army uniform, we are calling for calm among the Muslim Ummah, especially in Yobe State, and for immediate action by the authorities, starting with the prosecution of the perpetrators in order to harass others. to startle. who use their positions to murder innocent Nigerians.

“We are deeply saddened by this tragedy because it is taken for granted in Islam, according to the tradition of Ibn Mas’ud, that ‘the death of a scholar is a loss that cannot be replaced as long as day and night alternate’.

“While we call on Muslims to trust the military authorities and the judiciary to thoroughly investigate the murder and bring the perpetrators to justice, we urge them not to read religious motives into the incident as others do.” would do. We are not like them.”

“Since we come from Allah and we will all return to Him and no soul should taste death except by His leave, the Ummah must be sure that the perpetrators will come to judgment. Muslims should therefore remain calm while praying with us that Allah grant him and others like him Aljannah Firdaos.

“Meanwhile, we would like to express our disappointment to the federal government about the way and the way in which the assassination of General [Muhammad Idris] Alkali was treated. So far we have not heard what has become of his killers.

“As we sue for justice in Sheikh Aisami’s case, we charge the federal government to ensure that General Alkali’s killers face the wrath of the law.

“Once again, the Council commends the judiciary, condemns those who use every available agency to defame Muslims and Islam in Nigeria and blames the authorities for urgently bringing to justice the killers of Sheikh Aisami.”

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