Nwosu to answer questions about imitation ― Akwashiki

The interim national chairman of the African Democratic Congress (ADC), Senator Patricia Akwashiki, has rejected the alleged suspension of key leaders of the party by the party’s former chairman, Ralph Nwosu.

She said the party’s former chairman, Ralph Nwosu, should be charged with the crime of fraud and impersonation of his actions.

Former party chairman Ralph Nwosu had suspended 17 state presidents and key leaders of the party for forming a national committee of concern for the affairs of the party, as he survived the constitutionally guaranteed two-term terms of four years each. .

Akwashiki said in a press release, which she personally signed, that the action was a self-aggrandizement that required the party’s former chairman to wake up to reality, especially as the party has moved on.

The party’s interim chairman insisted that Nwosu served the party and failed while offering the party his service as chairman, even as he survived his term in office.

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Her words: “Nwosu is the former chairman whose term of office has expired and who is now trying to take down the party because he failed in his attempt to extend his term as party chairman after 17 years.

“All the evictions and suspensions of Nwosu and his clique are just a diversion and a face-saving measure as he faces investigation for fraud, forgery and impersonation by the Nigeria police.

“The general public is therefore advised to ignore statements made by Nwosu or a member of the former National Working Committee.

“Chief Ralph Nwosu has approached the courts to challenge his removal, so he is advised to wait for the court’s ruling and stop deceiving himself.

“The party reiterates that ADC is not for sale and will not form an alliance, so beware buyer!”

Akwashiki added: “Everything that has a beginning must have an end. Nwosu was chairman of our great party for 17 years and we thank him for the services he has rendered.

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“Now he is no more because of the need to reorganize the party and put it on a healthy footing to win elections.

“To usurp power and to clothe oneself with borrowed robes amounts to imitation that can only come from great delusions.

“The ADC has moved on. Nwosu better wake up to reality. The constitution of the party is supreme and there is no provision in it for a living national chairman.”


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