Obi leaves for US to court Diaspora Nigerians

Labor Party presidential candidate Peter Obi has announced he is leaving Nigeria to meet Nigerians in the diaspora.

He said he would visit the United States of America, Germany, Canada and Italy to interact with Nigerians in the diaspora and share his plans with them.

The former Anambra state governor and hopeful president shared his travel plans on his verified Facebook page on Thursday.

Obi wrote: “On my way to the US I will make a pit stop in Germany to interact with Nigerians in Germany.”

“I have great appreciation for Nigerians in diaspora; they represent the core of our human development capital and contribute enormously to nation building through remittances and technical knowledge transfer.

“My current outing will take me to Germany, Italy, Canada and the US. I look forward to the very constructive agreements. #PeterObi”

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