Ogun PDP gov aspiring defects, get PRP ticket

An aggrieved candidate for the governorship of the People’s Democratic Party in Ogun state, Prof. Olufemi Bamgbose, has dumped the party and has been awarded the governorship certificate of the People’s Redemption Party in the state.

President of the PRP in the state, Samson Ogunsanya, announced this in Abeokuta on Saturday.

Ogunsanya said this at a press conference held to reveal Bamgbose as the PRP governorship candidate in the state.

The PRP chairman said the party preferred Bamgbose for his good track record and decided to draft him as the party’s flag bearer.

He said: “We have positioned Professor Olufemi Bamgbose to win the election. He has a good track record. He has everything it takes, he will deliver.”

Speaking about why he dumped the PDP for the PRP, Bamgbose complained that he was frustrated with the party.

Bamgbose said that while in the PDP, he conceded his ambition for governorship to the party’s governor candidate, Oladipupo Adebutu, and obtained the senatorial ticket from Ogun West.

He said he won the primaries, but his name was replaced by the party leaders in the state.

The professor of Educational Administration and Management said the bitterness and division in the PDP led him to ditch the party for his current party, the PRP, which he described as more credible and trustworthy.

Bamgbose regretted that the incident happened after the PDP collected a huge amount from him to obtain the Senatorial form.

He added that the PDP leadership had written him a letter of apology after the incident, promising to indemnify him, but he went back on his promise.

Bamgbose described the PDP in Ogun as a corrupt and unjust party.

He said: “I started my ambition on the platform of the PDP, but when I saw the bitterness and division, I decided to resign. I have my ambition for governorship for Hon. Ladi Adebutu and despite the huge amount I spent to my ambition as an aspirant, I have demanded nothing from Adebutu.

“I decided to pursue a senatorial ticket from Ogun West. I bought the form. I attended PDP Primary. We were asked to pay millions of naira to buy form. I won the primaries. Shortly after the primary election, Hon. Adebutu decided to go and replace my name behind me.”

Bamgbose, however, boasted that he was the most educated and qualified of all the governor candidates in the state.

When Adebutu’s media assistant, Afolabi Orekoya, was approached for comment, he blamed Bamgbose’s claim that he voluntarily withdrew his ambition.

Orekoya said: “It is so discouraging for someone who is expected to be a leader and someone who aspires to represent the interests of the good people of the Ogun state, to be naughty and tell lies just for improper political gain .

“Truly, Bamgbose participated in our party’s primary process and came forward in the first primary; after the appointment of Hon. Akinlade as the deputy governor candidate of the party coming from Ipokia (a zone of the local governments that make up Ogun West), the party leadership in their wisdom saw the need to balance the representation of Ogun West.

“They believe that the party’s deputy governor candidate and senatorial candidate should not be from a single zone of Ogun West and believed that Ado-Odo/Ota should also be given a chance to represent the party in to bring balance. Based on this premise, Bamgbose was approached and he accepted with the understanding that he also wanted the party to emerge victorious in the 2023 general election by balancing the party’s representation.

He therefore requested an official request for his withdrawal by the party, which was done and he replied positively.

“He also met all INEC candidate replacement requirements and it was done. In all these processes, Hon. Oladipupo Adebutu was not involved as it was purely a discussion between the party leadership and Bammbose.

He even went on to post a WhatsApp message on various platforms to properly inform his acclaimed supporters about the entire process and his conviction to back out. (All necessary documents are present and attached).

“You’re now wondering how Hon. Adebutu is said to have put his name behind him, as he has claimed. This is just untrue and unfair. People should play politics with integrity.”

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