Osun Survey: Oyetola’s CPS Twisting Facts

A civil society organization under the auspices of Yiaga Africa has described attempts to distort its report on the outcome of the Ekiti and Osun gubernatorial elections as lies, and says it has stuck to that position.

The organization responded to publications attributed to Ismail Omipidan, Chief Press Secretary to Governor Gboyega Oyetola, hinting that the recently launched Yiaga Africa Election Result Analysis Dashboard report for the Ekiti and Osun governor elections “confirms” that the governor platform of the All Progressive Congress won the election.

But Yiaga Africa said in a statement released Friday by its executive director, Samson Itodo, that Omipidan was merely twisting the facts.

He said: “Yiaga Africa stands by its stance on the outcome of the Ekiti and Osun governorship elections in 2022

“We flatly reject this claim and state categorically that the ERAD report in no way suggested the winner or loser of the recently concluded June/July, Ekiti and Osun gubernatorial elections. Instead, the ERAD report highlighted certain shortcomings with the Independent National Electoral Commission’s upload of results to the INEC Results Viewing Portal and recommendations for improving the process ahead of the 2023 elections.

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“Yiaga Africa deployed a comprehensive election observation methodology in the Ekiti and Osun governorship elections. First, Yiaga Africa observed the pre-election period and deployed citizen observers on election day using the parallel voting table to provide timely information about the process and verify election results.

“The PVT election observation method is a globally recognized election observation tool used by citizen groups. It is one of the most accurate and reliable election observation methodologies that can independently verify the accuracy of election day results released by INEC. Yiaga Africa has deployed the PVT in 12 elections in Nigeria, including the 2019 presidential election.

“The ERAD report confirms the PVT findings in the Ekiti and Osun Governor Elections Report, released on August 27, 2022, which clearly showed that the results announced by NEC in the Ekiti and Osun elections were consistent with the votes cast in the Ekiti and Osun elections. the polling stations were cast. If the official results had changed in the district, LGA or state assembly centers, the official results would not have fallen within Yiaga Africa’s estimated PVT ranges.

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“So we strongly support our PVT findings which in no way contradict the ERAD report.
Second, Yiaga Africa, in partnership with Channels Television, has deployed the ERAD to promote transparency in the transmission of election results by downloading and analyzing polling station results uploaded on IReV.

“The ERAD report launched on September 9, 2022, identified the successes, critical lessons and gaps in uploading election results on the IReV portal for the Ekiti and Osun governor elections. Some of the gaps are; including uploading incorrect election forms, blurry images and poorly captured photos of results forms, and incorrectly imputed and omitted data on results forms.

“The ERAD thus did not process 87 (2.3 percent) of the 3,763 results of the polling stations in the state. In the report, Yiaga Africa made recommendations for INEC to improve the use of the IREV portal in future elections.

“After analyzing the pre-election data released by INEC on PVC collected by polling stations in Osun state, Yiaga Africa identified inconsistencies in PVC collected data in 0.7 percent (30 polling stations) of polling stations in 12 local governments in Osun state. . The total number of PVCs collected was slightly higher than the number of registered voters in those polling stations.

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“In particular, Yiaga Africa saw a difference of 1,882 PVCs across the 30 polling stations. While this discrepancy in the pre-election data for PVC collection has no bearing on the election outcome, Yiaga Africa calls on INEC to clarify the reasons behind the observed discrepancies between the number of PVCs collected and the number of registered voters.

“Again, we want to state unequivocally that the ERAD report that has been released publicly does not contradict our PVT findings in any way. While political parties have the right to refer to our reports, they must do so with a great sense of responsibility. Copies of our report on the Ekiti and Osun elections can be downloaded from the organization’s website; www.yiaga.org.

“Yiaga Africa reiterates its commitment to sharing accurate data and information on election conduct and results based on its election observation methodology.”

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