Oyo kingmakers shortlist 10 of the 65 aspirants

Oyo Traditional Council, also known as Oyo Mesi, has shortlisted 10 of the 65 candidates screened for Alaafin or Oyo stool.

The acting regent and Basorun of Oyo, Chief Yusuf Akande Ayoola, was quoted in a statement from Media and Publicity Director Bode Durojaye as saying only ten candidates qualified for the interview.

He added that shortlisted candidates would be submitted to the Ifa priest for final selection.

“Whoever emerges from the shortlisted candidates will be the candidate and the next Alaafin of Oyo.”.

The acting regent also responded to misinformation in some media, including social media about the collection of N200,000 of each aspirant and representation of one of the Oyo Mesi during the interview period.

According to him, “the state government is not only informed, but it is also included in all our procedures before, during and after the interview period. The state government is ably represented by the chairman of the local government of Atiba and some officials of the Council” .

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“As for the Alapinni issue, he is a member of the Oyo Mesi, but currently unable to attend. In order to follow the proper process, he must be represented to keep him abreast of the development. He cannot be excluded from the scheme of things. That’s why we ask his representative. Health is wealth. We wish him a speedy recovery.”

“People should watch their utterances and refrain from making reckless comments that could lead to implosion. People entrusted with the peace and tranquility of the city should not just rush to the press to sow mischief. It is better for a person to find out from the authentic source what he or she does not know than to go to the press and cause discontent.”

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