PEBEC will play for 4000 Nigerians on October 1

The President’s Special Advisor on Ease of Business, Dr. Jumoke Oduwole, announced on Friday that the Secretariat of the Presidential Enabling Business Environment Council (PEBEC) will hold a show on the ease of doing business for 4,000 Nigerians in Abuja on October 1 and 2, 2022.

Addressing a press conference in Abuja, Oduwole said the piece; Premiered last year at PEBEC’s 5th anniversary, “The Future is here” is a series of business reforms designed to raise awareness, further communicate and engage PEBEC’s target audience in Nigeria’s Independence Day celebrations. .

The presidential assistant, who also revealed that the micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, public and civil servants are among the target groups of the show, noted that the show will be held four times over two days.

She said: “The PEBEC secretariat is scheduled to host the PEBEC game titled ‘The Future is here’ between October 1 and 2 in Abuja. The piece, which premiered at our 5th anniversary PEBEC, will be used to spread the word among micro, small and medium enterprises, government and civil servants.”

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According to her, the PEBEC Play is a series of business reforms designed to raise awareness, further communicate and engage our target audience in the celebration of Nigeria’s Independence Day.

Oduwole said the second Ease of Business Report would be released on October 2, adding that the PEBEC award would be presented on December 1.

‘The Future Is Here’ focuses on the story of a future we can create together; a future based on government reform, and the future of our dream! This future we seek! The future in which the numerous reforms of the government smile on everyone; a future without an artificial barricade; a future where everyone can do business with ease.

“To the piece, we invite free of charge the public and officials who have worked on the reforms PEBEC has implemented over the past six years. We also invite the MSMEs who do their best every day with courage and determination, and face every challenge with courage. So we have this event just to celebrate our two clients, the civil servants we work with, to implement the reforms and the private sector we supply from. So those are the people we talk to in public all the time.

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“We are targeting 4000 Nigerians, we have four shows, two on the first day and another two on the second day. And the reason we’re doing this is because we feel it’s important to honor the men and women who have made the reforms we’ve been able to achieve so far, with the ease of doing business.

“The second edition of our Ease of Doing Business report will be published in mid-October, the second week of October. Then when we release the report, we will retreat to states to prepare state action plans. On December 1, we have our favorite prize, namely the PEBEC prize. So all the states that did well in the second report, we’re celebrating those dates in December at the awards event. ”


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