Proposed abolition of fuel subsidy: Keyamo picks up LP, Obi. at

Abolition of subsidy: Keyamo tackles LP, Obi about proposal

Adebayo Folorunsho-Francis

All Progressives Congress presidential campaign council spokesman Festus Keyamo says the Labor Party and its presidential candidate, Peter Obi, owe Nigerians a statement about the latter’s promise to cut the fuel subsidy once elected.

Keyamo, who made the claim in a statement released Saturday morning, revealed that Obi’s statement comes after the organized labor leadership, under the auspices of the Nigeria Labor Congress, has fought successive governments to keep it alive, saying the untold will bring hardship to the masses.

An enraged Keyamo stated that he was convinced that the former governor of Anambra state had not spoken to his party leadership and the NLC to know their policies before making the statement to “excite his obedient supporters.”

The statement read: “We note that the leadership of the organized labor movement under the auspices of the Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) on Monday, September 13, 2022, during a national Labor Party retreat in Abuja, pledged its members around the world to mobilize. the 774 local government areas in Nigeria, to ensure the victory of the Labor Party presidential candidate, Mr Peter Obi, in next year’s presidential elections.

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“We also note that in several interviews he has given in recent months and weeks, Obi has vowed to completely scrap the gasoline subsidy if he is elected president. We also note NLC’s longstanding opposition to the total abolition of the fuel subsidy. Other left-wing Labor Party supporters were also on hand to cheer on Obi.

“Therefore, the following questions urgently require answers from the NLC leadership. Before taking on Obi as a candidate, did the NLC leadership have a discussion with him on the issue of abolishing the fuel subsidy? If they had that discussion, did Obi agree to come back to the issue of withdrawing subsidies? Was that a base to support him? If he did not return to the matter, did organized labor agree with him?”

The Secretary of State for Labour, Productivity and Employment noted that it would be reckless on the part of the NLC to adopt a candidate without questioning him thoroughly about his policies as it will affect Nigerian workers or the masses if there is no discussion about abolishing it. of subsidies would take place.

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This is even as he urged the NLC leadership to get clean by making a public statement unless it changed its previous stance and now fully supports the elimination of fuel subsidies.

“If the excuse is that Obi has said the money saved will be used in other critical areas of the economy, how is that different from whatever the Buhari government is saying?

“These questions have become necessary because Nigerians deserve to know whether the adopted party of organized labor, the Labor Party, supports and promotes a policy that workers’ leadership opposes in a different breath when adopted by the government of the day. They cannot blow hot and cold.

“Since our council stands for issue-based campaigning, we call on all members of the 4th Estate of the Reich not to sweep this issue under the rug and on the one hand, thoroughly question the NLC and the Labor Party; and the apparently right-wing Labor Party supporters and Mr Peter Obi on the other side, on this issue so that they will come out for the Nigerians,” he stated.

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Attempts to reach the party’s national chairman, Julius Abure, and national publicity secretary, Abayomi Arabambi, for comment, failed.

At the time of filing this report, they are yet to answer the calls.

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