Refrain from drugs, Kumuyi advises young people

Pastor Williams Kumuyi, the general superintendent of the Deeper Life Christian Ministry, has urged youth in the country to avoid drug addiction.

According to the clergyman, it was necessary for youth and teenagers to draw closer to God for divine guidance for their career and future.

Kumuyi gave the advice while indicting the teens and youth during a one-day Impact Academy program hosted by the church, in the city of Ondo, on Saturday, as part of the six-day crusade in the state.

The theme of the program was ‘The Great Change’.

It turned out that the program was organized to reach out to teens, campus students and professional youth, among others, to reset their thinking about the threat of moral decadence among the country’s youth.

He said, “I want to appeal to our youth to break with the slavery of drugs, it limits you, destroys your destiny, ends your God-given visions.

“I am here to tell you that the Lord is ready to break through slavery and better changes are coming. It is high time our young people started building bridges to connect with their future and let go of drugs.”

Kumuyi also urged Nigerian youth to ensure that they were spiritually equipped to enable them to play the roles God expects of them, as the true future of nations, adding that it was necessary for them to take an active and important role in nation-building.

“The youth population of any country is crucial to its development. Equipping young people also means focusing on their creative potential, their enthusiastic energy, their ability to try and adapt new ways of thinking.

“This is how change that works in societies is driven by the youth. The magnitude of the nation’s development depends on the degree of involvement of the youth in the process.

“The basis for any progress is to show the youth that there are better ways to represent their interests, to deepen their involvement in the development of their nations, to harness their creative energies, to increase their prospects and be better prepared. to be on the future. When the role of the young people is left untapped, or their involvement is not well focused, the result is often not encouraging.”

Earlier, one of the speakers on the program and an expert in information and communication technology, Mr. Victor Adebayo, instructed the young people to use social media appropriately for their personal development rather than spending most of their time. wasting time watching social media junkies through their phone devices.

He also urged the young people to participate in vocational training and skills acquisition as a way to tackle the problem of skills gaps in the country.

Adebayo said: “The Academic Staff Union of Universities has been on strike since February and with the strike dragging on for months, many students and young people are stranded at home without professional skills and at risk of negative influences with disastrous consequences.

“Don’t waste your time watching home videos; it is a thief of time. Don’t spend your time on facebook, twitter, social media, they distract the brain and that gives you a relaxed mood of a thing and suddenly you realize that you have wasted a lot of time and what you need as a skill? Nothing.

“So, go online and find or search for skills needed in the next five years, the World Economic Forum publishes it every day. Can you see that even the eyewear expenditure has started something like two weeks ago, giving the chance to Nigerian students who can handle coming to Microsoft in the US and Canada to work for them while they complete their programs .”

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