Resume with ‘I can’ mentality

Dear children, thank God for protecting you from all damage during the 7 week holiday. You have had enough time to discover new things that add value to your education.

Now that you’re on your way to another session, I’d like to give you a slogan that will help you and also bring out the best in you, regardless of the challenges (difficult topics, health, etc.) that come your way. I want to ask you if you could have ever recalled an event from a previous day?

I’m sure your answer is ‘no’. For this reason, take a look at your weaknesses during the last session, but don’t let regret weigh you down so much that it will affect your productivity as you embark on a new academic calendar.

In light of this, go to your school on Monday with the word “I can do it” on your lips; mind you, some will disagree with you, but as long as you don’t give yourself up, you will excel not only in the first term, but throughout the session.

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Here’s Aunt ‘Yemi’s advice for you. May God grant you good health and a sound mind as you continue.


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