Seven ways to forget your ex

Getting over a breakup is difficult. Breaking up is hard to deal with and moving forward seems impossible because broken hearts take time to heal, ex partners are hard to forget and the pain can feel unbearable.

Now when you remember all the commitments you made, it feels like looking at a pile of broken glass. You probably feel like the only one dealing with this kind of grief and mad at yourself for being so naive. But after a while it does get easier. You can still be the loving person you were even after the breakup. Here are some ways to forget about your ex.

1. Accept it as a part of life

A breakup can cause you to lose hope and retreat into your shell, without wanting to move on. It may feel like the end of the world, but know that you will rise again.

However, you have to accept that heartbreak is a part of life. No matter how bad a situation feels today, nothing lasts forever. Eventually everything returns to normal. You just need to stay strong and withstand the storm.

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2. Give yourself some time to heal

The biggest mistake people make when trying to move on is indulging in self-destructive activities. While there’s no point in sulking about what you may have already done, allow yourself to open up and cry to release the negative emotions.

Give yourself time to heal. Start exercising and eating healthy. The positive impact it has on your mental health is almost magical. Also, get back to the hobbies and other areas of life that interest you, now that you have the time you spent on the relationship.

3. Forgive yourself and forget your ex

Forgiving and forgetting is easier said than done, especially when it comes to the person who violated your trust and dreams. However, forgiving your ex can be the key to letting go completely and being happy alone.

It can hurt you to see him with someone else. But if you just focus on your life and create a better future for yourself, you will end up wishing only happiness for your ex. It won’t even bother you if your paths cross again!

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4. Learn your lesson

Everyone makes mistakes and it is very important to learn from them to prevent them from happening again.

People who come into your life will teach you lessons, and a person who wants to leave will leave no matter what you do to stop them. You should try to learn as much as possible from the mistakes you made in that relationship.

5. Don’t try to be friends with them if you still have feelings for them

Trying to befriend your ex just to keep seeing them after the breakup will hurt you more than you might think. Trying to turn things around will continue to lead you astray. Friendship is a very special relationship and should not be used for ulterior motives.

6. Throw away the things that remind you

You may have kept the bus ticket from the first time you traveled together, or his shirt you snuggled in when you missed it. In order to forget about your ex, you have to let go of not only his possessions, but also the memories that keep coming back to you.

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7. Cut all lines of communication

If you think sending him or her an occasional message or just calling their number won’t do you any harm, you’re wrong. Keeping in touch with him or her will keep you stuck in the past and never move forward. You can also block his/her number and delete all his emails/texts if you think that will help.


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