UNGA 77: Group dedicates September 12 to the global storm on social media, 19th to the day of action

As the date approaches for the 77th session of the UN General Assembly (UNGA 77), which will take place in New York from September 13, 2022 until next year, the National Council for the Divestment of the Boycott (BDS) has declared that the inability of the international community to enforce relevant UN resolutions based on international law is a critical factor in entrenching Israel’s decades-old regime of apartheid, colonialism and military occupation, and all death, suffering, violence, fragmentation and ethnic cleansing it inflicts on the indigenous Palestinian population.

BDS stated that the failure of the international community to enforce relevant UN resolutions based on international law is a critical factor in entrenching Israel’s decades-old apartheid regime, adding that Palestinians demand implementation of UN resolutions guaranteeing their inalienable rights and paving the way to true justice and peace.

According to BDS, the Palestinian people had for decades called for the recognition and dismantling of Israeli apartheid through UN mechanisms, such as legal and targeted sanctions, as was done in the case of apartheid in South Africa.

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“To date, 12 states from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Europe have addressed or otherwise condemned Israel’s apartheid and called for effective measures to dismantle it in the UN Human Rights Council. This is reflected by a consensus, supported by hard facts and legal analysis, among Palestinian, Israeli and international human rights organizations, UN experts and former presidents, parliamentarians and leading cultural and political figures in the global south. It is high time that Israel’s apartheid regime is now rounded up by the UN General Assembly at its 77th session,” it said.


To make this demand visible and to increase the pressure on governments and their delegations at UNGA 77, the group is calling for a global social media storm on September 12 and a Global Day of Action (GDA) on September 19, a day for States to deliver their opening speeches in the General Assembly.

According to the group’s Africa Coordinator, Saleh, “It is paramount to develop a media strategy for any organized action to increase the likelihood of media coverage and build global momentum. We believe it will be powerful to have grassroots actions around the world to make governments and UN officials feel the heat and speak out in UNGA 77 for #UNinvestigateApartheid.

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“We want this GDA to be held not only online, but also on the streets worldwide.

For the GDA on September 19 and during UNGA77 in October and November, we encourage BDS partners to organize one or more of the following: have the video projected on walls of Foreign Affairs buildings, UN buildings in capital cities worldwide or other appropriate place that could attract public and media attention, a press conference to share our demands with the media, writing and publishing Opeds in local/national mainstream newspapers and creative actions in the public space (flash mobs, projection of slogans on public buildings, other direct actions in line with the guidelines of the BDS movement, among others,” he added.

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